Find the right people for your events.
Create an event on XING to boost your reach, target the right people, check out who visits your event page, and take advantage of retargeting opportunities.
Promote your event on XING
Powerful filters help you segment 19 million potential attendees and deliver targeted ads to attract the right people to your event page.
Turn visitors into attendees
Personal invitations and event updates sent to your visitor’s network news feed will ensure enough touch points to convince them to participate.
Review your performance
Compare the visitor numbers of relevant similar events with your own and check which marketing measures work. With data and actionable insights.
Get started with an event page on XING.
An event page on XING gives you free additional marketing touchpoints, while increasing your reach and targeting the right professionals.
Set up your event with just a few clicks and upload your logo, event and speaker description, link to speakers' XING profiles, and images or additional files.
Want to offer tickets? Just add your categories and prices. If you'd like to collect more information about attendees, you can also ask questions during the registration process.
See who visits your event page regularly.
And view visitors' profile details, i.e. what they do, where they’re based and who they work for.
This not only helps you find promising attendees, but also new customers as your event page doubles as a lead source.
Promote your event among your target group.
Filter your audience by company for career fairs and industry events, by city for meet-ups, or by career level if you're offering seminars and training courses.
And if you’re not sure what profession, industry, etc. to search for, you can search by keyword and then use filters for your target group’s hobbies or skills in their XING profiles.
And get the most out of your ads with retargeting.
Retargeting is where you remind people about your event after they visit your page. It generally takes between five and seven touch points to convince someone to attend your event. A great way to encourage someone to sign up to your event is to send them a personal invitation and interesting updates that appear in your event page visitor’s network news feed.
Retargeting example: After people visit your event page, you can send an event update to their network news feed letting them know about the schedule. Then, a week later, you can send them an invite with a personal message. Afterwards, you can keep them in the loop with news about the location, speakers and promotion codes.
Make your event a success.
Check how your visitor numbers progress over time. See how your event performs compared to your competitors and your past events. And find out how your marketing campaigns boost your visitor numbers.
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