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Scrumtisch Aachen Remote: Jurgen Appelo on his unFIX model



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Jurgen was rated #40 management & leadership expert in the world, one of the Top 100 leadership speakers, and #6 most influential person in Agile; his blog was rated #3 most popular Agile blog in the world; and his books are considered best-sellers. He wrote "Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders"


We are very proud to have Jurgen with us for this event.

He will focus on The unFIX Model for Versatile Organization Design

The unFIX model is a simple tool that helps you with versatile organization design. Unlike many agile scaling frameworks and self-management methods, unFIX has its focus on continuous innovation and the human experience. It facilitates gradual change, dynamic teams, and an important role to play for managers.

But ... Don't we have enough agile scaling frameworks already? What's wrong with the other ones? Is this really something new? Isn't this just unproven theory? In this session, Jurgen Appelo presents his new unFIX model and the reasoning and inspiration behind it. Of course, he will also happily discuss all questions.




A big “Thank You!” goes out to Almudena from Rodríguez Pardo & Assocs (https://www.rodriguezpardo.com/de/) who managed to get Jurgen as a speaker for the Scrumtisch.

The link to the Zoom call will be sent out to registered attendees shortly before the event.