Supplier Management Base (SMB) - EN




SMB consists of the modules SMB basic functions, Demand Inventory Management (DIM) and Demand-Capacity Management (DCM).


The objective of Demand Inventory Management (DIM) is to increase the demand and inventory transparency between Mercedes-Benz AG and their suppliers. It is an instrument for demand and stock management in a defined short-term period.


The Demand Capacity Management (DCM) module compares demand and supply capacity information at the part number level (or part family level) and signals impending demand shortages via traffic lights for the upcoming months.


The course is aimed at suppliers of Mercedes-Benz AG, who work in the area of production control, capacity management, sales, logistics and scheduling and have little or no experience with SMB so far.


The participants will learn to handle the basic functions of the SMB system as well as the underlying processes of Demand Inventory Management (DIM) and Demand Capacity Management (DCM).

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