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UX Roundtable: How to unsuck organisations

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Hans-Joachim Belz: How to unsuck (big) organisations - from dreadful to effective

As a product-minded human, working for a huge corporation can sometimes feel like a drag. Initiative and flexibility is low. Few people outside your team understand what is needed. Some departments seem to outright work against you. And all those processes and meetings. Do you know this feeling?

Conventional wisdom dictates that the bigger companies are, the slower and less effective they operate. Hence, corporations adopt agile and lean, they flatten their hierarchies and urge their employees to "fail". And still, many are utterly missing the point. What does it really take for complex organizations to act quickly and decisively? 

This talk starts as a rant and ends as a rave and with it I want to provide you with a different perspective on what the core problem of big - and not so big organisations - is today. I promise not to introduce shiny new methods. Instead, I will provide you with some surprising insights and help you to better phrase some things you always felt to be right. 

Hans-Joachim Belz is a freelancing designer and coach. In his career, he has worked quite a lot for big dysfunctional corporations. Maybe that is, why he trained as a systemic coach and why today he is so passionate about the human-centric design of products and organisations. He is also quite aware that (sustainable) organisations need to earn money. So what are the basic requisites of a humane organisation that can outperform its competitors?


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