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Wed, 11 Dec 2019, 06:30 PM (CET)
Wed, 11 Dec 2019, 09:00 PM (CET)
Registration deadline: Wed, 11 Dec 2019, 01:00 PM (CET)
MATHEMA Software GmbHNürnberg, GermanyOpen in Google Maps
Available seats: 14 – The new open source project for event-driven microservices orchestration

Schedule – The new open source project for event-driven microservices orchestration
Bernd Rücker

Implementing long-running, asynchronous and complex collaborations of distributed microservices is challenging. How do we guarantee that overall flows always complete, even if single services fail? How can we ensure visibility of flows and provide status and error monitoring? In this talk, I show how to use the Open Source engine to implement orchestration flows using visual workflows. For each step in a flow, a microservice can be connected using a publish/subscribe protocol. Once an orchestration flow starts, Zeebe ensures that it is eventually carried out, retrying steps upon failure. Along the way, Zeebe produces a complete event log, facilitating monitoring and visibility into the progress and status of orchestrations. Internally, Zeebe works as a distributed, event-driven and event-sourced system, making it not only very fast but horizontally scalable and fault tolerant.

I will also talk about the current state and roadmap of Zeebe, our motivation to build a new engine in the first place, how it is different to Camunda BPM and which of the workflow engines you should use in your project.

Das Treffen findet in den Räumlichkeiten der MATHEMA statt. Auch für das leibliche Wohl der Teilnehmer/innen – Pizza, Snacks und Getränke – wird gesorgt.

MATHEMA Software GmbH
Schillerstraße 14
90409 Nürnberg

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