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Here you’ll find answers to your questions, and information about XING features. You can also contact the XING Support team (available in English and German) if you need any other assistance.

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For Android

  • Groups and events in the Android app

    The groups section of the Android app gives you access to all of your groups who have migrated to the new groups version on XING.

    We also have a separate Android app called XING Events so you can access XING events while out and about and see the events your contacts will be attending. It also gives you an opportunity to expand your network by adding other event attendees. Just search for XING Events in the Google Play Store on your Android device to get the free app.

  • Event and group notifications
    Unfortunately your event and group notifications will not appear in the app for technical reasons. The notification e-mails will of course help you to stay up to date with your groups and events.
  • How can I reset the automatic login on my Android phone?
    Here's how to edit the settings:

    a) Quit the XING app and go to the "Settings" menu.
    b) When the menu opens, click on "log out". Now you can leave the settings menu without saving any changes and from now on the XING app will prompt you to log in.
  • How can I import my XING contacts into my Android phone?

    You can do this in your app settings. Just go to the navigation menu, tap on the cog symbol in the top right-hand corner. There you'll find the option to import your XING contacts.

  • Can I synchronize my events with the Android app?
    Unfortunately your events will not appear on a mobile device for technical reasons. But we're working on it!
  • How does the authentication process work?
    Authentication means that you allow the app to access your data. To do this, you need to enter your XING login data and then click on "Allow". You can check whether authentication is still in place at any time by going to your XING privacy settings: "Settings (cog symbol in the left sidebar) > Privacy" followed by "XING Android application" under the "External applications" tab.
  • Where do I need to go to download the app?
    You can search for and download the XING app free of charge from the Android Market store.
  • What do I need to do if I want to delete this Android app?
    Go to your Android phone's menu and select "Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications. Here you can uninstall the XING app. \t

    We also recommend you use the application manager: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/de.android_telefonie.appmanager/AppMonster
  • How can I fix problems I'm having with the Android app?
    Please delete the app, and then download and install it again from the Google Play store. If this doesn't help, please let us know which Android device you're using as well as your operating system version and app version and whether or not your device has been rooted (if you don't know what the latter means, then your device will most probably not have been rooted ;-))