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What are contact recommendations?

Contact recommendations is an additional feature you can install alongside the Outlook Connector that helps you to expand your XING network and sync your Outlook contacts. You’ll also receive a monthly overview of people you’re not connected to on XING but are listed as Outlook contacts or sent you an e-mail at some point. You can then send those people a simple contact request to add them to your XING network.

You can also add Outlook contacts to your XING address book by allowing XING to save e-mail addresses as e-mail contacts. To do so, check the box next to “I would like XING to provide me with contact suggestions based on my address book in order to help me expand my network.” Once you’ve done that, you’ll find the addresses saved on XING in the “E-mail contacts” tab of the “Contacts” section. XING will never forward any of these imported details to third parties, and you can delete imported e-mail contacts at any time.