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Here you’ll find answers to your questions, and information about XING features. You can also contact the XING Support team (available in English and German) if you need any other assistance.

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Registration and login

  • How does the registration process work?
    The registration process on XING is made up of several stages, first creating a user account, and then saving basic information in your profile.

    Step 1:
    First enter in the login data which are necessary for creating your user account. Obligatory fields are marked with a star * and must be filled in during registration. All data marked with is treated as confidential. You decide who may see this information. XING will not release these details to third parties at any time.

    Step 2:
    Now you can enter your business details (company, position) for your profile. Please make sure that this information is correct, as it will be saved to your profile and posted on XING as soon as you have completed registration.

    Step 3:
    In this step a confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail account you indicated. This contains a link you should click to confirm your e-mail address. Now you've successfully registered. If you were invited to join XING by another XING member, then only the first two steps apply to you.
  • How do I confirm my e-mail address?
    During the registration process, a confirmation link is sent to the e-mail address you've entered.

    Please check your e-mails. The message from XING contains a link requesting you confirm your address. Simply click on this link to confirm your registration.
    If you believe you have not received an e-mail from XING, please check your spam folder.
  • How do I log in to XING?
    Here's how to log in:

    Go to www.xing.com and enter your e-mail address/username and password in the designated boxes in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. Then just click on "Log in".

    If you're not sure which e-mail address you used to sign up to XING with, just check the address to which we send you messages such as our weekly newsletter.

    If you've forgotten your password, just click on "Forgotten password?" which appears below the login field. Please never give your login details to other people in order to protect your data!
  • Why can't I log in anymore?

    There are several reasons why you weren't able to log in. Here are a few potential solutions:

    Have you forgotten your e-mail address?
    Your activated e-mail address is the one you use to receive messages from XING, e.g. the weekly newsletter.
    By the way: Please make sure you spell your e-mail address correctly, i.e. don't enter gmail.com if you registered your e-mail address as googlemail.com.

    Have you forgotten your password?
    If so, click on "Log in" in the top right-hand corner, followed by the link "Forgotten your password?". Now you can enter the e-mail address you used to sign up on XING. We'll then send you an e-mail with a new password.

    Have you not received an e-mail to change your password?
    Please check the spam/junk folder of your inbox to see if our e-mail has ended up there by mistake. If you use Gmail, our e-mail might have ended up in your Social tab. Otherwise you should check to see whether your inbox is full as this will prevent you from receiving new e-mails.

    Do you have a new e-mail address?
    Please log in with your old e-mail address, i.e. the one you entered in your XING profile. Even if you don't use that e-mail address any more, you can still use it to log in to XING. Once you've done that, go to settings where you can edit your e-mail address. You'll then be able to log in using that e-mail address.

    Are you prompted to accept cookies for the XING site?
    First of all, please check to see whether your browser accepts cookies. If not, please activate this setting. If it does, please delete any existing cookies and then reactivate them.

    More information about deleting cookies
    More information about activating cookies

    You've already reset your password but can't log in?
    This is probably due to your cache, so here's how to delete it:

    More information about deleting your cache"

    Is your browser out of date?
    Please make sure you're running a current version of your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome). You should also try using a different browser to see if the problem occurs there as well.

    None of that worked?
    If that's the case, please get in touch with us via the contact form and include as detailed as description as possible. Thanks!

  • When I log on to XING, I'm directed to the e-mail confirmation page. Why is this?
    You haven't confirmed your e-mail yet and are trying to log in with your username and password. When you try to log in you will be redirected to the confirmation page where you will be reminded to confirm your e-mail address. In the event that you didn't receive our confirmation e-mail, you have the opportunity to enter another e-mail address in the confirmation page. (Registration - Step 3).
  • I receive an error message during registration
    If you receive an error message during the registration process, please check what it says. Maybe you missed out a field or filled in one incorrectly?

    XING automatically checks whether the e-mail address you enter is valid to make sure your registration e-mail actually reaches you.

    If you've checked all of the fields and are still getting an error message, please feel free to contact our Support team.
  • Why am I receiving reminders about my registration?
    This reminder e-mail is part of the registration process and has been sent because you did not complete your registration either on the business details page or because you have not confirmed your e-mail address.

    You will see a link in the reminder that will take you back to the page where you broke off your registration. This reminder e-mail is designed to help you complete your registration.
  • What is the username?
    To find out your username, go to "Settings" (the cog symbol in the left sidebar) followed by "Login data".

    When logging into XING, you can also enter your username in the "E-mail" box instead of the e-mail address you used to sign up to XING.
  • Can I change the data I enter during registration later on?

    Yes, you can do that in the settings (cog symbol in the left sidebar):

    You can edit your first name, last name and birth/maiden name in the Personal data tab. Our support team will need to confirm those changes for you.

    Visit the Notifications" tab to view and edit the e-mail address you use to log in to XING.

    The Login data tab can be used to change your password.

  • Why was my profile page deleted?
    There are various possible reasons why your profile has been deleted. Just get in touch with us via the

    contact form and let us know the e-mail address you used to register on XING. We'll then look into it and get back to you.
  • How can I change my login data?

    ⏎ You can edit your login details by clicking on the cog symbol in the top right-hand corner and selecting "Settings/Invoices & Accounts” followed by "login data" in the settings tab:⏎

    ⏎ To change your password, please enter your current password and then enter your new password twice before clicking on save.⏎

    ⏎ To change your username, just enter a username and click on save. You’ll receive an error message if your new username has already been used.⏎

    ⏎ To change the e-mail address you use to log in on XING and to which XING notifications are sent, go to Settings > Notifications. Then click on “e-mail settings " followed by "edit". There you can enter a new e-mail address and click on save. An e-mail will then be sent to that address containing an activation link for you to click on to activate your new e-mail address on XING.⏎

    ⏎ Please bear in mind that your old login details will no longer be valid once you’ve edited them and you’ll only be able to log in with your new username/e-mail address and/or password.⏎

  • Merge XING accounts / delete a profile no longer needed

    Sorry, but XING accounts cannot be merged. We therefore recommend you delete the profile you don't need any more:

    1. Log in to the XING homepage using the login details of the profile you want to delete.
    2. Visit the Help Centre and go to cancelling your XING membership.
    3. Now just follow the on-screen steps to delete the profile you no longer need.