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Add new contacts and foster existing ones

  • What exactly are contacts on XING?

    Your XING contacts are XING members you want to stay in touch with. You can send a contact request to people you’d like to connect with and, once they’ve confirmed your request, they are then added as your XING contact. This works the other way around, too. You can of course reject contact requests if you don’t want to add them as a XING contact.

    Here’s how your XING contacts differ from other XING members:

    • You can choose which of your profile details (e.g. private or business e-mail address, mobile phone number, etc.) you’d like to share with each contact.
    • You can send messages to your XING contacts (only Premium members can send messages to non-contacts).
    • The contacts tab on your homepage lets you manage your contacts, add tags and notes, and shows you any upcoming birthdays.
    • The network news tab on your homepage provides you with a chronological list of updates about and posted by your contacts as well as links they’ve shared.
    • You can also contact your XING contacts by using our iPhone and Android apps, and add their contact details to your phone contacts.

  • How can I add someone as a contact?
    Simply go to their profile and click on the "Add as contact" icon in the top right-hand corner. Please bear the "Wants" and "Haves" of this person in mind and consider sending them a personal message when sending contact requests. The member you send a request to will be notified so they can either accept or deny your contact request.
  • How can I delete one of my contacts?
    To do so, just go to "Contacts" in the top navigation menu and select "more" followed by "delete" next to the contact you'd like to delete. Once you've confirmed deletion the member will be deleted from your list of contacts. We will not send a message to the member notifying them that you deleted them as a contact.
  • Where can I view my unconfirmed contact requests?
    To view a list of sent and received contact requests, go to "Home > Contacts" and click on the "Contact requests" tab.
  • What are 2nd level contacts?
    2nd level contacts are the immediate contacts of your contacts.
  • What are "Bookmarked people"?
    You have the option of bookmarking people who you think could be interesting to know but who you would rather not add as a contact straight away. Leave a short note that is only visible to you yourself. You can then find these people under "Bookmarked people".
  • Why do my contacts disappear?
    There are two reasons why your contacts might disappear from your profile:
    1. This person has deleted your contact and was thus also deleted from your list of contacts.
    2. This person is no longer a member of XING.
  • How does the tagging feature work?
    Start by clicking on "Home -> Contacts" to go to your contact list. There you need to click on the expanded view which is the symbol on the right in the contact list header after the word "Show:" You can now assign as many new keywords/tags to your direct, confirmed contacts as you wish by clicking on the plus symbol next to the word tags.

    If you already created tags, they will be displayed to you as an option. You can of course choose to assign new keywords/tags.

    Tags can be completely renamed or deleted by clicking on "Edit" next to the "Tags" header in the column on the right. Just click on the "x" next to the tag you want to delete, confirm deletion, and you're done. To rename a tag, click on it, make your changes, then confirm it.
  • Why can I confirm a contact request in the notification e-mail without logging in?
    Every time you receive an e-mail notification from XING saying that you have a new contact request, you can easily accept that contact request without logging into XING. In order to prevent unauthorised use of your XING account by other people, we have made that confirmation page only available via the link that's sent to your private e-mail address. All other actions on XING require that you log in. Should you still be concerned about the safety of these settings, you can deactivate them at any time. You'll find a link to your privacy settings in the notification e-mail under the contact confirmation link.
  • I received a contact request by e-mail, but I can't find it on XING.
    If you click on "Contacts" followed by "Contact requests" on the XING homepage, you can switch between "Received requests" and "Sent requests". If you select "Received requests" but can't see any there, the member has probably retracted his request or even deleted his XING profile.

    Please understand that we have no influence over this and the decision was taken solely by the member in question. Even if this person moved the unconfirmed contact request to "Bookmarked people", you will no longer be able to see this request.

    You will not be automatically informed about contact request retractions unless the person who sent the request wants you to know about it. You are of course free to contact that person by clicking on the link in the e-mail notification. You'll then be automatically redirected to a page where you can send a contact request to that person.