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Here you’ll find answers to your questions, and information about XING features. You can also contact the XING Support team (available in English and German) if you need any other assistance.

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Invite people to join XING

  • How is the address book search carried out?
    You can use the Address Book Comparison to compare those in your XING network with other online address books. Find out which of your coworkers, business partners, acquaintances and friends are already on XING. There are several ways to compare:

    • Import contact data from your Outlook, Lotus Notes or Mozilla address book
    • Import contact data from the address book of your e-mail service (Yahoo! or Gmail)
    • Import contact data from a text file (CSV)
    • Use the XING Plugin

    XING guarantees that the data in your address books will only be saved to carry out a single scan and will be deleted immediately afterwards. XING always uses the most recent, recognised data protection and encryption technologies to protect your personal information.
  • How can I invite people to join XING?

    Visit the invite people to join XING page to send out invitations to join your network. Here’s a list of the various options available:

    Import contact addresses from Gmail, GMX, Hotmail, etc.
    This is the easiest way as all you need to do is enter one of your e-mail addresses and the respective password. We’ll then generate a list of e-mail contacts who are already on XING that you can then add as contacts.
    You can also send other e-mail contacts who aren’t on XING an invitation to join. This also works with several e-mail addresses.

    Send individual e-mail invitations to join XING
    If you’d like to invite a certain person to join XING, you can simply enter their e-mail address, add an optional message, and click on “Send invitation”.

    Import contacts from PC or Mac software
    If you work with software such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Salesforce, etc., you can export your contacts as a contact file and then upload it to XING so you can add them to your network or send them an invitation to join XING.

    Personal invitation links for your website and e-mail signature
    We’ve created personalised invitation links you can use on your website and in your e-mail signature. Just visit the invitation page for more information.

  • What is the bonus system?
    The bonus system offers members the chance to gain additional months of Premium membership free of charge by successfully inviting others to join and to expand their network at the same time.

    For every 7th person who registers as a result of your recommendation your account will be credited with one month of Premium membership. Invitations sent as part of specific XING invitation offers will be awarded with bonus months. Please consider the terms and conditions that apply to these special offers.
  • How can I share XING with other people?
    Invitations can be sent directly via the platform by e-mail or by using the personal invitation link:

    You can also synchronise e-mail addresses with an external address book such as Outlook or Lotus Notes. This is a quick and easy way of expanding your personal network.
  • What are the advantages of recommending XING to others?
    As soon as you have fully registered you can begin building up your own network. Recommend XING to your contacts. Invite partners and friends you know will benefit from the networking features provided by XING as well. Introduce your business partners to specific existing contacts. Add people to your network who attach importance to professional networking. For every 7th person who registers as a result of your recommendation your account will be credited for one month of Premium membership.

    For every invitation that leads to a full registration at XING during an invitation campaign, you will receive one Premium month credited to your account. Please consider the terms and conditions that apply to this special offer.
  • Problems synchronising Gmail contacts
    Please check your Gmail account's security settings to see whether you activated "two-step verification" there. If this is the case, you won't be able to synchronize your Gmail contacts due to this extra security setting which requires additional authentication.