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Here you’ll find answers to your questions, and information about XING features. You can also contact the XING Support team (available in English and German) if you need any other assistance.

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Header box (photo, name, job title, etc.)

  • How can I change the employment status (e.g. employee, student or freelancer) below my name?

    If you’d like to change your status, just click on the status in your profile. Now you can change your "Employment status".

    Please note: If you want to change your status either to or from student, please select your university in the previous field (current position). If you haven't entered your university in your profile yet, please do so under "Educational background". Then you can select this university followed by the student status.

  • Upload, modify or delete your profile photo

    Why should I upload a profile photo?
    Profiles with a photo receive far more hits than ones without. Your photo allows you to add a personal touch to your profile so visitors can find out a little more about you.

    How do I upload or change a profile photo?
    Go to your profile and click on the grey box or your existing profile photo. Now select the image file you’d like to use (JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF files up to 2 MB in size) and click on “Open”.

    How do I delete my profile photo?
    Hover over your profile photo with the mouse, then click on the minus symbol in the top right-hand corner. Your photo will be deleted after confirming this action.

  • How should I use the "What profile visitors need to know about you" field?
    The text you enter here is immediately visible to profile visitors as it appears in the header box. You can use this field, e.g. to let your network know about something important such as "I'm on vacation until August 20" or "This Saturday you'll find me at stand 123 in hall 2 at the CeBIT trade fair". You can then decide whether to make such text visible to anyone who visits your profile or just your direct contacts.
  • How can I change my (birth/maiden) name?
    Just click on "Settings/Invoices & Accounts (the cog symbol in the sidebar on the left) > Personal data" then click on "Edit" next to your name.

    Feel free to change your title, first name, last name or birth/maiden name. Please note that we will screen any name changes you make to prevent people from using fake names, etc.
  • Why wasn't I able to change my name?
    There may be several reasons for this:

    - The name you entered started with a lower-case letter
    - You entered initials rather than your full name (e.g. "M. Miller" or "Martin M.").
    - You used a pseudonym such as "John Doe"
    - You used someone else's profile details
    - You entered company details rather than personal ones
    - You entered your date of birth in the "Birth/Maiden name" field

    If one of the above applies in your case, simply fix the problem yourself and then submit your changes again. If you're trying to enter company details, please create a Company Profile for your business and only use your personal profile for yourself (to create a Company Profile, go to "Companies > Create Company Profile" in the top navigation bar).
  • How can I choose which job title appears below my name?

    To do so, go to your profile and click on your current position. A window will then appear under your name where you can choose your "Current position"

    N.B.: You can only select existing job titles. If the position you'd like to have below your name isn't already listed in your profile, go to "Profile details" in the "Professional experience" section of your profile and enter it there.