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Events with ticketing

  • How will my event tickets be sent to me?
    With PLUS events including ticketing, the tickets will be sent to you by e-mail or - if selected - by post straight after you complete the transaction. Please send an e-mail to if you don't receive your tickets within good time.
  • What is a promotion code and how can I redeem one?
    Every organizer of events with ticketing can create promotion codes and then send them to people who can get a discount on the purchase price or gain access to ticket categories that are only visible to people with a code. If you have been sent a promotion code you can redeem it on the corresponding event page when buying tickets.
  • Will I receive an invoice when I buy tickets?
    Yes. The invoice is available for download straight after buying tickets. You will also receive the invoice by e-mail or by post together with your tickets.
  • Can I return tickets that I have already paid for to amiando or XING?
    No. Ticket returns and refunds are only handled by the organizer.
  • As an editor or co-editor, am I able to take part in my own event for free?
    Yes. As an editor or co-editor of an event you can see the option to take part in an event for free. You will then appear on the guest list on XING, but you won't receive a ticket or be listed in amiando's guest list. Please take this into account when calculating the number of tickets available.
  • What rights do co-organizers have when it comes to events with ticketing?
    Co-organizers have the same rights for both events with ticketing and events without ticketing. This means that co-organizers can edit events and invite guests, but additional services from amiando (such as ticket category changes, adding promotion codes, and statistics) are not available to co-organizers.
  • Why am I no longer able to change participants' status in the guest list?
    When it comes to events with ticketing, it's important that the number of participants and tickets available are counted correctly. This is why it's not possible to manually change participants' status if they haven't bought a ticket for such events.
  • How can I sell tickets for my event via XING?
    If you go to "Create new event" you can choose between a free BASIC event or a fee-based Event PLUS with ticketing. PLUS events allow you to sell tickets for your event on XING with simple payment processing and ticket delivery handled by our subsidiary amiando.

    To organize an event with ticketing, just click on the corresponding link on the Package selection page and create a new event with a description, ticket categories, and pricing.
  • When buying a ticket, why do I need to re-enter my details if I'm already logged in?
    The ticket shop is operated by amiando directly and only incorporated within the XING website. This means that the information you enter is sent directly to the amiando platform. XING does not pass on your details to amiando.
  • Are my credit card and account details safe with amiando?
    amiando guarantees top-level security with all personal data and the entire payment process handled via a secure connection with a SSL certificate. This SSL encryption technology means that your data can be sent securely and won't end up in unwanted hands. Once amiando receives your data, it will be stored securely and handled confidentially. In addition, amiando will not pass your data on to third parties. Please refer to the amiando website for more information.
  • How do I cancel an event with ticketing services?
    If no tickets have been sold for your event yet you can cancel it directly via XING. If, however, tickets have already been sold, you can only cancel it via the amiando customer service team (subject to a cancellation fee).
  • What fees do I incur when I organize an event with ticketing?
    There is a fee of 5.9 percent of the ticket price plus €0.99 per participant.