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Contact updates

  • What is the simplest way to let my network know about my updates?
    When it comes to networking, staying up-to-date matters. That’s why we recommend that you let your contacts see all your changes and updates in their “What’s new in your network" box. This way your network finds out right away what news you have and can react or respond if appropriate. This makes networking easier for everyone.

    Only those updates you wish to publish will be shown in your info box. You’ll find these settings by clicking here.

    The following information will never been shown to your network:
    • XING messages (in your inbox and outbox)
    • Unconfirmed contact requests (sent and received)
    • Deleted contacts and declined contact requests
    • Groups that are not public
    • Events that are not public.
  • Why don't my contacts appear in my "updates" any more?
    There could be a number of reasons for this:

    1.) Your privacy settings
    Your new contacts are only visible to your network as an update if you select the following privacy settings:

    - "My privacy settings": The option "Make my contact list visible to" is not set to "Nobody".
    - "My activity": You selected the option "New contacts".

    2.) 250+ contacts
    If you exceed the 250-contact mark, no more contact confirmations will be displayed as udpates. This is because the network news feed would otherwise be full of contact confirmation messages.

    By the way: You can view the last 10 contacts you added including confirmation date by clicking on "New contacts" symbol in the left sidebar followed by the "Latest contacts" tab.
  • Can I hide updates from certain contacts or groups?
    Yes, you can: Just hover your mouse over that person's/group's update, then click on "x" in the top right-hand corner and select "Hide all entries by XXX" or, if you want to hide a group's updates, select "Hide new threads in this group".

    You can revert back to the previous setting by clicking on "Hidden" next to the person or group whose updates you want to see again, followed by "Show".
  • Why can't I see any updates or visitors to my profile any more?
    First of all, please check to make sure you're running the latest version of your browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

    If you're still having problems, please check whether you've installed a browser add-on (e.g. Google toolbar) that may be causing this to happen and then deactivate it. If that doesn't work, please delete your browser's cache (if you're not sure how to do this, search for cache in your browser's help files).

    If this problem still persists, please feel free to contact us and provide the following information:

    - Your operating system (e.g. Windows 7 Home Premium, OS X 10.8, etc.)
    - Your browser and version (e.g. Google Chrome 23, Firefox 10, etc.)
    - If possible, a screenshot clearly illustrating the problem

    Please then send this information to us via the contact form.