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Attend or organize events

  • What are events?
    Events are organised for XING members by XING members. Every member can organise and attend events on XING. There are different types of events:

    • Public events: These are open to all XING members. An invitation is not necessary. You can invite XING members in your personal network or in groups you moderate. You can also invite people who aren't XING members if you know their e-mail address.
    • Private events: The guest list is limited to those individuals invited by the event organiser. This may include people who are not members of XING. A private event is visible on XING only to those who have been invited.
    • Group events: These events are organised by a group moderator and are open to group members. Group events can be made public or private.

    • As an event organiser you can also choose whether or not you want to offer tickets.
  • Where do I find an overview of my events?
    On your "My Events" page, you'll see all events you are attending and have been invited to, and all events you have attended in the past. You can see at a glance where and when an event will be held, who is organizing it, and whether or not you have RSVP'd yet.

    You can also add "Your upcoming events" to your homepage. This will give you an overview of upcoming events. Find out more about how you can personalize your homepage.
  • How can I edit an event once I've created it?
    There are several ways to make changes to an event you have organized:

    • Rescheduling an event: Select a new date and time, and tell your guests.
    • Changing event details: You can change the description of your event and many other details at any time.
    • Inviting more guests: If you want to add more guests after creating the event, just follow the same procedure you did when you created the event. Those people who have already been invited will not be notified again. This means that you can invite the entire group if, for instance, you just want to invite new group members.
    • Canceling an event: If the event has to be canceled, you can send a short message to guests and let them know. You can change the status of guests and uninvite people from the guest list: If your guests have let you know offline (e.g. by phone) whether or not they will attend, you can change the status of these people in the guest list. You can also withdraw invitations for certain guests if necessary.
    • Editing ticket details: You can change the number and names of categories, as well as ticket prices. (This feature is available for PLUS events)
    • Promotions and ticket discounts: You can send participants so-called "promotion codes", which they can enter when buying their tickets to obtain a discount.
  • How can I create an event?
    You can create an event in two steps:

    The first step involves selecting the type of event and entering all the details such as the name of the event, the description, location, date and time and registration deadline. You can also adjust several other settings such as the visibility of events and the guest list, or whether it is a private or public event. In addition, you can limit the number of participants and appoint another organiser.

    As a second step you can invite guests to your event – either individually or adding tags to the guest list. Non-XING members can be invited by entering their e-mail addresses. If you are a moderator, you can either add your group’s members all at once or by adding tags to the guest list. Inviting guests is optional; you can create an event without guests and then invite people at a later date.

    Once you have created an event, you can invite other guests and edit the details of the event.

    For every new event you create you will receive a copy of the invitation as a private message sent to your XING inbox.
  • Where do I find interesting events?
    There are several ways to find interesting events:

    The “Events that may interest you” info box on your start page automatically suggests events that might be of interest to you. This suggestions are based on your professional background, your “Wants” and “Haves”, your interests and your place of residence and work. You can drag and drop this box at the top of your start page so that you have these events at a glance each time you log in. Learn more about how you can personalize your start page.
  • Try the event search on the "All Events" page: Filter events by category, starting time, place, language, or simply enter a search term and sort the results by relevancy or date.
  • You can find an overview of all events your contacts are attending on the "All Events" page.
  • You may also find information in “What’s new in your network” about which of your personal contacts are organizing or attending exciting events.
  • What are Official XING Seminars?
    At Official XING Seminars, certified trainers teach participants how to maximize the potential of the XING business platform from. They show them how to establish contact with new clients, employers, employees or suppliers, and how to maintain their networks. Participants benefit from the high standards of the seminars: all contents are certified by XING, and we regularly conduct participant questionnaires and reviews.

    You can get more information on Official XING Seminars at here.
  • Adding co-editors to an event
    You can add up to 5 participants as co-editors in the guest list of an event you're organizing. To do so, go to the guest list and then click on the person you'd like to appoint as co-editor, then click on "more > Add as co-editor". This person must either be attending the event or has responded with "maybe". The process is the same if you'd like to remove someone as a co-editor.

    Co-editors have similar administrative rights to you as an editor, i.e. they can edit the event description, invite other people, send messages to participants, and postpone or cancel the event. Your name will however continue to appear on the event page if they change anything.
  • I don't want to receive any more event invitations or notifications.
    You can stop receiving unwanted event notifications as follows:

    1. Group events
    To stop receiving notifications from one of your groups, go to that specific group followed by "Statistics and settings" on the right-hand side. There you need to select the "Settings" tab where you should uncheck the box next to "Subscribe to event invitations".

    2. Events from a certain organizer
    To stop receiving event notifications from a certain person, go to the details page of one of the events that person invited you to and click on the "Don't like this?" link that appears above the notification text. There you can choose not to receive any more event notifications from this person and even report them as spam.

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