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Company search

  • Can I create a multilingual Company Profile?
    No, it is not possible to edit a Company Profile in more than one language. We're happy to hear your feedback on this matter. In the future we will continue to improve all features to boost the value for our members.
  • Where does the information in the Company Profiles come from?
    The information and statistics shown are based on the XING profiles of members who have entered this company name as their current employer. The assignment of members to companies is based on the "Display this job next to my name and at the top of my profile page" setting on individual member profiles. Company information can be edited, and additional content added, if the company purchases usage rights to do so. Depending on the scope of features selected, the editor authorized by the company can add company updates, and upload a logo and banner.
  • Why can't I find certain companies using the company search?
    XING summarizes profiles with different spellings of the same company and compares them to public data on the company when creating Company Profiles. If you cannot find a company using the given spelling, try searching for a less specific term, such as "XING" instead of "XING AG". The following information will be searched: Company name, location, tags (with STANDARD and PLUS profiles), company description, and the tags entered in the "Employees of this company have" box.

    For more information, have a look at the "Search tips" on the XING Company Profiles homepage.
  • How can members be classified under a certain company profile?
    Changes to company profiles can be made by making changes to individual member profiles. XING members who work for this company are automatically identified by the system when they enter this company name as their current employer. The important thing here is which position you display alongside your name at the top of your profile (the respective box must be checked here under “Professional experience”).

    To make things simpler we have also introduced the “I work at this company” button. Simply click on the company profile you which to be affiliated with. Then click on the “I work at this company button” and the name of the respective company will be transferred to your profile. You will then be listed as a company employee on the company profile some 24 hours after saving your changes. Please note: Freelancers are not counted as employees here. Tip: If you have not been identified as a current employee of the right company, please check whether you are using the correct company name and legal abbreviation (e.g. AG, GmbH, GbR) in your profile.
  • When I view a Company Profile, why are there members with differing spellings of the company name?
    The way a company’s name is written in member profiles is chosen by members themselves, and can differ considerably from the way it is written in a Company Profile. XING summarises profiles with different spellings of the same company and compares them to public data on the company when creating Company Profiles. Members can change the spelling of the company where they work, either manually in their own profile, or by clicking on the “I work at this company” button.

    If your Company Profile lists a person who does not work at your company, please send an e-mail to:
  • What information is provided in the 'Employee network' section under Company Profiles?
    The 'Employee network' information box contains statistics showing the companies with the most links to the company you're viewing. As with any other statistics, this information box will only be displayed if the company has at least five employees.

    If you click on the company name, you will be taken directly to the Company Profile. The number at the end of the line indicates how many employees are linked to the company you're viewing.

    Your privacy settings apply here as well, so if your contact list is not visible to all members your data will not be included in the statistics.
  • What are "company updates", and how can I subscribe or unsubscribe from them?
    Companies can integrate news directly into their profile. XING members can then subscribe to these updates, and keep up on news in the company. If you follow a company, this will appear in your direct contacts' "What's new in your network" feed. As soon as an update is posted, it will appear on your homepage.

    To subscribe to company updates, just go to the Company Profile and click on the button "Follow this company". To unsubscribe, just click on the "Stop following this company".
  • Where can I see the company updates I'm following?
    Go to "My profile". In the bottom right is a box with a list of the company updates you're following.
  • What can I do if I come across unpermitted content in a Company Profile?
    You can report unpermitted text or images by using our Contact form in the XING Help Center.
  • How can I provide feedback on Company Profiles?
    If you encounter any technical problems while using Company Profiles or would like to make a suggestion for improving this feature, please send a message to
  • Where can I find the Top Deals section (previously known as Best Offers)?
    XING Top Deals (previously known as Best Offers) is now located in the top navigation bar by going to Companies > Top Deals or by clicking on the following link:
  • Which XING members can benefit from Top Deals?
    XING Premium Members can take advantage of all offers. We allow our basic members to participate in selected offers.
  • What are Top Deals?
    Top Deals is our benefit program for XING members. XING has teamed up with with leading partner companies to offer products and services for business and leisure activities.
  • Is there any way to redeem the offers if I’m not a Premium Member?
    As a basic member, you have access to selected Top Deals, marked with a special icon ( src="/img/xing/xe/best_offers/icn_basic_big.gif?1212760143" />). You can sign up for the Top Deals newsletter to stay informed of the latest special offers that are also available to basic members.

    Basic members who would like to have access to all Top Deals can upgrade to Premium Membership at any time.
  • Will XING pass my personal data on to Top Deals partners?
    No! XING does not provide or share our members' personal data with any partners. This is laid down in our Privacy Policy. Please note nevertheless that members are advised to read the Terms & Conditions on the partner sites carefully before agreeing to them to redeem the respective offer.
  • How can I let others know about one of the Top Deals?
    You can click the “Recommend this deal” button on the offer page to let your friends and business associates know about Top Deals.
  • I have a question about a specific partner offer - who should I contact?
    If you have any questions about our partner offers, please contact the Top Deals partner directly. By clicking on the "Go to offer" button, you'll be forwarded to the partner website where you'll find the partner's contact details.
  • How can I redeem an offer?
    To redeem an offer please click on the "To offer" link on the offer page. You will then be forwarded to the partner's website.
  • The offers are not unique. I’ve seen better terms by the same partner somewhere else!
    Please let us know by sending an e-mail to and telling us exactly which offer you saw and where you saw it. This will help us to make sure that we secure the best possible offers for you.