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Mammoet Malaysia Sdn Bhd Malaysia

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Job description

1. Professional including :
- Has knowledge of situation during execution of lifting activities and of safety rules and regulations;
- Has knowledge of technical possibilities of common types of cranes, of bringing the crane in working order and of the use and maintenance of cranes and auxiliary equipment;
- Standardized hand and arm signals;
- Reading/understanding site drawings and sketches;
- Under supervision performing small repairs and maintenance to auxiliary equipment;
- Under supervision performing technical activities in behalf of maintenance or bringing the crane in working order;
- Completion of the maintenance report and reporting maintenance, repair and testing of the crane and auxiliary equipment to the EMD department;
- Under supervision operating, assembling and dismantling the crane and using auxiliary equipment correctly;
- Under supervision executing instructions;
- Assists with operating the crane, asks instructions if necessary;
- Correct assessment and attentiveness, e.g. with regard to lack of space, obstacles present, correct securing of loads;

2. Relations with colleagues/clients incl.:
- Adequate discussion with colleagues about the work to be carried out;
- Prepared to work in other departments and/or sites temporarily and to work on other cranes with other capabilities;
- In the event of disagreements between the employee and the client, calling in the planner and/ or superior in good time;
- Never leaving the workplace early unless agreed (at all times) with the planning or superior.

3. QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) incl.:
- Complying with and implementing all safety rules in accordance with the internal safety regulations and staff handbooks, including:
• Implementing the aspects relating to QSE in practice;
• Participating in information provision and instruction organized by Mammoet (incl. the toolbox meetings;
• Using personal protection equipment in the correct manner;
• Not to change or disable safety features on equipment;
• Reporting risks to health and safety to the superior immediately;
• Attending the meetings organized by the client (incl. QSE Meetings and/or toolbox meetings and/or pre-stop meetings).

4. Administration incl.:
- The Crane Operator is obliged to hand in weekly reports and crane dockets to the planning every Monday. These weekly reports and crane dockets must be completed correctly. The crane dockets must also be signed off by the client, Supervisor or project leader.
- Knowledge of the documents belonging with the crane such as insurance card, tax card, test certificates, crane book and forms for work reports and cost and time reports.
- The Crane Operator is required to fill up the crane handover form when taking over the crane from other crane operator. Submit the crane handover report to supervisor or project manager

- Refuse to lift in unsafe situations
- Stop the work if it is unsafe
- Stop the crane if load moment indicator is not working

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