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Professional Summary

Results driven equity investment and financial adviser with strong history in both corporate and personal growth. Proficient in identifying and implementing financial strategies that both capture cost improvement and impact the bottom line. Adept with business development diversification and maximized growth in a number of industries.

Core Qualifications
  • Extensive knowledge education and experience in the fields of investment and financial management in both the corporate and personal arenas
  • Understanding of the complex and ever evolving regulations and laws in relation to investment and asset management
  • Pre-existing network of national contacts ready to provide relevant information about the market real estate trends etc.
  • Constantly updated comprehension of different economies and its impact on financial positioning
  • Sold communication skills attribute to retention of robust client relationships
Wealth Management Advisor
Kleinman Robers Logan
  • Through signing of new clients brought $3 million in revenue to the agency
  • Consistently generated no less than $350000 per quarter through commissions client bonuses and sales
  • Supervised Project RAY a complicated real estate plan worth in excess of $50 million
Wealth Management Advisor
Sloan & Houston Financial Services Ltd.
  • Designed and implemented sales training program that started as employer-specific program which became a webinar
  • Generated an average of $1.8 million a year throughout tenure
  • Generated $1 million in personal commissions in first year
  • Evaluated and reported on prospectuses
  • Went from analyst to wealth management advisor within first two years
Master’s Degree – Financial Services
New York State Financial University

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