AustralAsian Sustainability Network

AustralAsian Sustainability Network

The AustralAsian Sustainability Network serves as a platform to bring together people who are interested in sustainability as well as businesses and organisations from the clean tech and sustainability industry in the Asian-Pacific region. Use this powerful platform for your networking activities and join our fast growing community now to work together for a more sustainable future.

Please be thoughtful and respectful while interacting with other members.

So. What's in it for you?
► Make new contacts in the AustralAsian Sustainability Sector
► Make a difference by inspiring others to action on climate change!
► Get inspired by others! Learn, how you can live more sustainably
► Discussions of current sustainability topics, increase your knowledge and get access to new information sources
► Diverse members globally with different views, experience levels and ages
► and if your 2nd language is English, you can practice your English!

And. What the AustralAsian Sustainability Network is 'not' about
► In depth discussions about sustainability issues in specific regions other than in the Asian-Pacific region
► Just one point of view, industry or culture
► Paid advertisements or paid sponsorship

How to join:
Access to this group is and always will be free. Everyone is invited to join and belong to this special group.
You must be curious now. Wouldn't you be? So click to join and please do leave us a message.

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