Adventure is a 'way of life', and as such means different things to different people.This activity often involves perceived and real risk, and as such risk is an integral part of almost all 'Adventurous' activities - indeed for most people the mastery of this risk is what makes 'Adventure' attractive.

So whether you are pushing the limits of human endeavor, challenging yourself and your friends, or simply exploring new and remote locations -This group is for you.

Most of us have been introduced to Adventures by others, sometimes more experienced people, or simply people with the knowledge of places, locations and activities personally unknown. This group is intended to promote the sharing of that knowledge and skill base across International and Cultural divides so that we will all be more effective at our chosen activities - and expand our horizons with the support of fellow Adventurers.

However, like all Adventures the doing is harder than talking about it - the key to this platform is contribution and activity , so please get busy and share what you have and we can make this a Global Resource for explorers, athletes...and curios people.

Stuart Hardy
The Adventure Technicians

- let's talk adventure...

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