Agile product development

Agile product development

Tuesday, 2012-06-06

What is this group about and why another group about agile?

This is about product development - about the way we create products - creating it with passion and leading people with our ideas - how to create a purpose that really matters inside and outside of our organisation. In fact: asking the questions how to archive and challenge the status quo - and delivering answers through a network of passionated professions.

I hope to connect or create a tribe equal minded people who belief they can change a lot as long as they stick to their ideas and ground theirselves in fundamental principles.

If you like to contribute, feel free to join and please give me a few day to set up.

Maybe we'll get the chance :-)
Thx & kind regards, Sven :-)

PS: I want to regain back the agile culture :-)

Please note:
I want no job offer spam cans in here, no come and meet me at my event advertisings, you will find other places to to so - just discussion that matters, thx :-)


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