artaculous - connect the world of art

artaculous - connect the world of art

★ | AT THE PULSE OF ART ™ is about art and art related enterprises on the web. We provide a worldwide, international and inderdisciplinary social network, collaboration platform, realtime distribution channel and home for professional artists, agencies, labels and companies. connects the world of art, worldwide:

What is our goal? helps artists of all kinds to present themselves on the web, get attention and connect with other artists and professionals through advanced networking tools. The innovative idea behind is the professional networking between people of the artistic clientel, which grants a direct self representation.

For whom is artaculous?

We want to attract artists, producers, manufacturers, labels, exhibitors and many others. To implement our ambitious plans some special functions are needed which grant users to fully live out their creativity. We want all of you to feel like home on .

Our philosophy doesn't want to cast a shadow on the users. You are the main attraction! We want to help you presenting your art and setting up your business. We also work constantly on new tools and features to make your online presence even more vital, and we will help you so that you can finally meet your goals. is professional networking, specialized in the interests of artists, individualists and above all for those who want to make the most of art and don't want to do it alone anymore!


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