Art sponsorship with insitutions and corporations

Art sponsorship with insitutions and corporations

Hello everyone and welcome to the Open BC Art Sponsorship group.
At Open BC, members come from many different areas of business among which a great number of Entrepreneurs and CEOs.
In Western cultures, namely in Europe, there is a tradition of sponsoring art that goes back many centuries.
In practical terms, business leaders and corporations decide to invest in Art and Event sponsorship mainly for two reasons:
Tax deduction

As a PR, I am very glad that such sponsorship should exist in Europe and the United States because my job is to promote young talented artists that need support to carry on with their brilliantly creative productions thus enriching the world with new inspiration and esthetic insight.

Therefore, I decided to create this group to encourage any Open BC members interested in art to discuss the topic, bring in new ideas and most of all for CEOs and Companies to get in touch with a minute part of the art world and assess whether these artists are worth sponsoring.
I remain at your disposal for any type of question or demand concerning this topic.
Rendez-vous on Open BC for an exciting discussion forum and "Vive l'art" !


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