bodystrike TM Custom Workout and Diet Solutions

bodystrike TM Custom Workout and Diet Solutions

"We form your future"

You’ve joined us because you want to improve your body.

Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or just feel fitter? Have you been to a gym in the past and it just hasn't happened?

If so, read on!

What is it?

Personal Training (or PT) is not about someone else barking orders at you. Nor is it only for top-level athletes training towards a major event, or just for celebs who fancy some pampering.

PT means you exercise one-on-one with your own highly trained instructor beside you to guide, advise and motivate.

As a beginner it can be a great introduction to the gym and will soon boost your knowledge and confidence. Experienced gym goers can use PT to take them to the next level of fitness.

To start off, you’ll have a half-hour consultation with your Personal Trainer, to establish your medical history, any physical injuries and your current level of exercise.

Then you’ll tell them what you really want to achieve – it’s a chance to be brutally honest about how and why you’d like to change your body.

Your Personal Trainer will then devise your programme, and explain how it’s going to work for you. Together, you’ll plan a realistic time schedule. There’s a consent form to sign, and then you’re ready to start training.

Each PT session in the gym, pool or studio lasts one hour. Your PersonalTrainer will encourage you to supplement these sessions with training on your own and recommend classes that are suitable for you.

Why is Personal Training so effective?

Quite simply, Personal Training works because every exercise is designed to achieve your goals. You learn why ‘X’ weight or ‘Y’ repetitions are the right way forward, giving you the satisfaction that all your hard work is striving for maximum effect.

It’s reassuring to know that with a Personal Trainer each lift, push, stretch or bend you do will be done correctly and safely and with your body in the right position.

It’s also a fact that everyone pushes themselves much harder in the gym with another person alongside. On your own, it’s tempting to go easy on yourself.

Seeing the physical results more quickly will in turn motivate you to stick with it. You’re much less likely to skip a gym visit if you’ve got a PT appointment to keep!

As you progress, your Personal Trainer will introduce new ideas and vary the training so it never gets stale. And at the end of each session you can experience dramatic improvements to your flexibility through assisted stretching – impossible to do by yourself!

We believe that once you try Personal Training and experience the benefits, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having done it before.

Get the body you want with one of these PT Solutions

Sculpt that body

Transforms your body giving it a fitter, leaner and more sculpted look. Each session is designed to suit you and is focused on specific exercises to build muscular strength, tone and endurance.

Tone & hone, maybe shed a stone

Manages your weight in a safe and effective way through a combination of exercise and nutritional guidance. Each session delivers exercise and support aimed at helping you lose body fat, tone up and manage your diet.

Burn fat in combat

Burns body fat and improves muscular definition. Each session focuses on improving speed, power and co-ordination through a variety of dynamic self-defence style exercises.

Stamina and technique to get you in stroke

Improves technique, performance and fitness levels in the pool. Each session is personalised to suit your needs and can range right from learning to swim to triathlon training.

PT Solutions

What are Solutions and why did we develop them?

Twenty-five years in the health and fitness business has taught me a thing or two about developing and delivering safe and effective exercise programmes!

PT Solutions are a range of carefully designed one-to-one training programmes that help you achieve specific fitness goals.

We are constantly evolving our Solutions programmes and currently have four on offer.

If you don't think we've got your specific goals covered by the Solutions programmes - no problem! We'll be more than happy to tailor a personal training programme especially for you.


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