Consumer Goods: People & Products in a global market place

Consumer Goods: People & Products in a global market place

This group is for everyone who has an interest in and a passion for the beautiful world of Consumer Goods:
- business professionals (manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, service providers, etc.)
- reserach and study organizations
- consumers

It encompasses consumer goods (Fast Moving Consumer Goods, FMCG, CPG, retail, electronics, confectionary, food, beverages, textiles, health, beauty, furniture, fashion, cosmetics, health care, beauty, household products, DIY, appliances etc), retail (trade, export, import, POS, merchandising, store design, data warehousing etc) and all consumer goods-related services . All relevant disciplines will be covered: management, operations, marketing, market research, POS, stores, consumer insights, shopper insights, branding, procurement, supply chain management, SCM, purchasing, logistics, finance, legal (e.g. brand protection, copyright, trademark), IT, HR, talent development, import, export, trade, business. Both on an operational-practical and on a strategic-theroretical level.

Komsumgüter, Handel, Handelsmarketing, Einzelhandel, Großhandel, Verbraucher, Konsumenten, Marketing, Vertrieb, Verkauf, Einkauf, Beschaffung, Logistik, Finanzen, Personal, Steuern, Recht

Members are coming from all over the world (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Russia, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, South East Asia, etc) and from various business backgrounds: CEO (Vorstand, Geschäftsführer), directors (Abteilungsleiter), product manager, sales manager, etc.

We want to be a community which discusses openly and constructively. Always respecting each other with the objective to develop the consumer goods and retailing markets in a sustainable and responsible way via own learning & growing and by building new relationships.
We are all living in a global market place in very exciting times. Let´s be a a pro-active part of it!!!

Join us also on - Our global online portal for professionals of the consumer goods and retailing industry.

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