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This group is a Xpert Abassador Group. "Content Management" is often equated with "Web Content Management". But Content Management ist more than publishing of content to the web. Content refers to printed content, media asset, and othe unstructured and stzructured data in intranet, extranets and the internet. Tell us about your experience with content management and / or discuss with our group experts. What topics are covered within this group?
  • Content Management Keywords: CMS, WCM, ECM
  • Web 2.0 & E 2.0 Keywords: Web, 2.0, E 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, CMS 2.0
  • Cross-Media Publishing Keywords: online, CD, print, HTML, PDF, XML
  • Digital Asset Management Keywords: MAM, DAM, video, graphics, audio
  • Content Creation Keywords: editorial processes, text quality, workflow, multilingual
  • Online Marketing and Web Analytics Keywords: Web Analysis, Web Control, Web statistics, affiliate marketing, banner advertising, SEO, SEM,
  • Web Design Keywords: HTML, XHTML, CSS, web content accessibility, browser, Flash
Who will be interested in this forum? "For all those who deal with the topic of content management."
  • Editors
  • Marketing Manager
  • Developers
  • Web Designer
  • Internet / Intranet Manager
This group is managed by Arithnea and PROJECT CONSULT.


  • 01 Apr 2014

    Important Notice to Non-German speaking members of our group

    IMPORTANT NOTICE to non-German speaking members

    With the launch of the new group software this group will be GERMAN only!

    We will continue our discussions in English in a new group:
    You are invited to join.

    Ulrich Kampffmeyer
    Group moderator

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