German MongoDB User Group

German MongoDB User Group

MongoDB (from "humongous") is an open source document-oriented database system with flexible schema and high scalability. It manages collections of binary JSON document representations (BSON). Many applications can persist data in a native format since the document can represent a complex hierarchy of data structures whose elements can be indexed and remain queryable. MapReduce and the Aggregation Framework can well serve all Big Data Analytics requirements.

MongoDB offers high flexibility in schema modelling and deployment options while still remaining fail safe. It will not fully replace existing relational DBMS but definitely is a better choice for certain use cases like storage of related entities with different attributes (e.g. product catalog), real time or Big Data processing, Complex Event Processing as well as high-availability, high-scalability and high-performance (web) applications.

MongoDB bridges the gap between function-rich relational DBMS and higly scalable key-value stores.

This group addresses all German MongoDB users in order to promote the exchange of experiences, possible use cases, best practices, meetups and specific projects on the subject of MongoDB.


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