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Cloudsters Freelance Projects Exchange

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more than 300.000 articles, over 150.000 members: The biggest group on XING worldwide. You can post your project opportunities here if you are a company or keep your resume updated, if you are an independent, searching for exciting project opportunities.

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The world is a village, XING is the exchange!

by far the largest group of independents and project suppliers worldwide XING

Experts from the fields:
IT, Engineering, Automotive, Electronics, Financials, SAP, Interim Management, Advertising / Marketing, Medical, etc.

constantly promising new project opportunities, freelancers profiles, industry trends, news and surveys

immediately find Projects / freelancers / direct contact . Quick and easy.
As a member, project requests are conveniently delivered automatically by email or by RSS feed.

Group Policy: (machine translated, sorry for that)

In addition to the XING terms and conditions there are separate guidelines for the freelance projects exchange group:

Who doesn't accept this regulations, please refrain from membership in the freelance projects exchange group . Members that already joined before the publication of this document, recognize this implication of in arrears or refrain from freelance projects exchange group.

1) manners

All project offers are addressed to male and female applicants.

General view is freedom in all respects. A polite and respectful tone, however, is provided. Racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory or offensive content, which iscontrary to good morals is strictly prohibited. Constructive and critical discussions are allowed, but should never be personal. The moderators reserve the right to see or to reduce the corresponding obligation to remove or offensive contributions and to take other measures such as to cause a termination of forum membership.

Illegal content will be prosecuted.
MLM (Multilevel Marketing) and related content is prohibited. Disregarding the rules immediately resultis in expulsion from the group or from XING.

2) activity

All members share an interest in addition to the factual issues presented, an inner attitude of the continuing exchange of information. In this respect, a certain interest in activity and participation at the thematic boards will be provided by each member.

The moderators will move contributions if necessary. Multiple contributions (even several persons of the same organization / company) in several boards is prohibited. Always chose the appropriate single board. If you are in doubt, ask the moderators.

Each member is responsible for the content and timeliness of contributions. A deletion of articles is for authors currently not technically possible and is performed only in exceptional cases by the moderators on request. A justification "Article date" is not accepted. A comment to your article with "post has been settled. Or the like is applied as standard to identify outdated items.

Items in the project bid and requests boards are provided with the start of the project parameters, specific tasks and requirements description.
Package lists of links without relevant content will be deleted immediately and the author excluded in repeated from the group. will be the AGG (General Equal Treatment Act for Employment in Germany) taken into account acc. For violations the moderators take no responsibility.

There may be no multiple posts of identical or minimally modified content made in different boards.
Links spammers publishing in all boards will be immediately suspended from Group and possibly also XING membership without any warning.

The same applies to requests for repetitions or project offers.
Should change a project inquiry, it must be endorsed in reply to your article. A cancellation request with a subsequent adjustment be excluded.
Public Reply with comments, questions, etc. are not included in the project bid and project application boards allowed. For this purpose, especially the discussion boards (below) is provided.

3) violations

Violations of this Code of Conduct "will be punished by the moderator via personal communication and can result after a single warning to exclusion from this forum. For this reason it is essential to give the moderators to request the rights to contact through personal communication via XING.

4) Disclaimer

The moderators take no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of information provided. Liability claims against the moderators, which refer to material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the information or the use of incorrect or incomplete information are strictly excluded.

5) receiving Newlsettern and Events

The group facilitation groups occasionally send newsletters and events.

The receipt of these can be disabled at the group home page at:
https: / /
right in the middle:
My group options
Subscribe to Newsletter (on / off)
Subscribe to event invitations (on / off)


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