Art Trip

Art Trip

Imagine yourself being a hero of the movie, having your waking dream.

You are The Hero. I'm The Guide creating unique Scenario for your trip where we'll be watching ourselves, checking the limits, getting the real travel inspiration.

This project is addressed to a person with imagination. It is for you. Welcome!

Thus, we're still strangers. You seek for intense encounters, look for your places unknown yet. You strive to scrutinize and listen attentively. You eat and drink your days avidly. Then I'm sure you will like the idea –
I suggest you a force of the moment.
Perhaps you happened to spend idly a weekend. Or you are running away from routine function, liabilities, obligations and duties your world is occupied with. I don't need to know the reasons why you appeal to me – it is no concern of mine. It may well be that right here and now you find something that suits your taste –
I suggest you a joy of the moment.
Most probably you will even conceive a passion for this. As there are habits of mind, soul and body, but all of them are devoid of passion, aren’t they? You own habits and they own you. Whereas, a passion is something about dissolution, not possession. Giving up ordinary is one of the best ways to dissolution. So might say,
I offer you a passion of the moment.

You may believe in miracles, and may believe in money. But if you do believe in something that proves you have an imagination, hence we go one way. I suggest you a Story of the moment. You are the main hero of the story.


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