Homestay International

Homestay International

It will be about a really old-fashioned, but enjoyable and economic way of travelling and tourism, wherein people of different cultures, religions etc. can get to know about each other on a very personal basis, by staying at a HOME. It will also help in promoting Peace and harmony through a deeper understanding of strange places and peoples. As the famous website 'Earthfoot' has shown, it is a very beautiful concept. Add to this all the other offshoots and branches of Good and enjoyable things that staying at the home of a total stranger can bring....the list could be quite exhausting if one were to delve deep into the matter. Just to name a few...understanding the local language, customs, geoggraphy, history would be much more effective than what any trained guide could ever offer you. Starting to get the picture? Then please join up & enjoy something intrinsically beautifull, simple and filled with good natured fun; meant for the whole world.


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