Information & Document Management

Information & Document Management

Document, Information, Content, Records, Process & Knowledge Management

The specialists for the following topics meet here:
  • ILM Information Lifecycle Management

  • ECM Enterprise Content Management

  • KM Knowledge Management

  • Electronic Archival, Storage & Digital Preservation

  • BPM Business Process Management

  • DM Document Management

  • RM Records Management

  • Collaboration / Groupware

  • WCM Web Content Management

  • Capture / Input Management

  • Output Management

  • MAM Media Asset Management / DAM Digital Asset Management

  • Electronic Signature / Digital Signature

  • Workflow

  • DRT Document Related Technologies

  • Group information

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  • Updates

    • 01 Apr 2014

      [EN] IMPORTANT NOTICE to non-German speaking members

      IMPORTANT NOTICE to non-German speaking members

      With the launch of the new group software this group will be GERMAN only!

      We will continue our discussions in English in a new group:
      You are invited to join.

      Ulrich Kampffmeyer
      Group moderator

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