Idea- and Innovation Management

Idea- and Innovation Management


It's nice to see that you think about innovation. We know that many people are full of great ideas and nearly everybody is talking about innovation. However, still to many companys are far away from a systematic approach in "Idea- and Innvationmanagement". This reduces the possibilities to innovate.

We here, the group "Idea- and Innvationmanagement", want to give you an interdisciplinary plattform to exchange ideas and experiences: From new methods of being creative to value-based strategies to manage innovation- or patent-portfolios. Feel free to talk and to ask.

We know the knowledge economy focusses on the production and management of ideas and innovation in the frame of economic constraints, or to a knowledge-based economy. Therefore, we want you and your organisations to become more effective in the way you inovate and the way you bring innovative to the market.

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This group was founded 2004 by Hanna Krieg
and is hosted by Dirk Loop since 2006.


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