GGBA | German Green Building Association

GGBA | German Green Building Association

LEED AP stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional. LEED is the official and international recognized rating system of the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). LEED APs are those professionals, that are trained to undertake building assessments and certification according to the LEED criteria. Building certification is a growing industry and LEED is one of the globally most applied systems. Unfortunately there is currently no organization established in Germany, that could acts as a single point of contact for the USGBC, which would be required to join the USGCB's International Program. Through this program Germany could contribute to the rating system ensuring global consistency as well as a regional approach, local outreach and support.
The intent is forming an organization which will be located in Munich. We are already in talks with the USGBC as well as with other LEED professionals and want to utilize Xing as a web tool. In addition this platform could help bridge some language barriers, since the system is available only in English, but many users prefer German guidance, explanation and moderation.


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