► This group provides a forum for the Marketing - Film - Radio - Internet - and Press Industry as well as for all persons who are professionally or privately engaged with the following areas of law:

German, European and International Patent, Trade Marks & Copyright Law -
(and ancillary rights like Trade Secrets, Protection of Geographical Indications, Designs, Unfair Competition Law, Character Merchandising, Licensing; Internet law etc.)

► The forum has not been restricted to the IP-Law of a particular country. Rather every IP-Law practitioner/student/businessman worldwide is welcomed. If everybody is exchanging ideas, knowledge and experiences with respect to their national IP-Law, we all will be able to get information what is the IP- Law in foreign countries respectively and can also easily interact with foreign IP-Law specialist. Hence in this forum IP-Law of the European countries, China, India, Russia, USA, Australia, Japan and so on, as well as the IP System of the European Union and International IP-Law are of interest.

Knowledge about the IP-Law of a particular country is most important because:

1. ...a fundamental principle of IP-Law is the principle of territoriality, e.g. IP-Rights are basically confined to the borders of one country.

2. time of Globalisation and Internet infringement of IP-Rights occur all over the world and are not restricted to the borders of one country anymore

3. ...the availability of a comprehensive Intellectual Property Law is a determinative factor while considering to invest in a foreign market.

Everybody who wants to participate in this Intellectual Property Law forum and/or wants to share his knowledge, experiences and tips with regard to the IP-Law of his country or his experiences abroad is mostly welcomed.

I hope to welcome you as a new member in this IP-Law Network soon!

With best regards
Oliver Sascha Hartmann

Please note: GERMAN OR ENGLISH in all forums allowed. Due to the international character of this forum it is just recommended to use English language however it is not obligatory.

The moderator just provide a group within XING, in which other members can exchange and post opinions. Hence the moderator refuse all responsibilities regarding any data, information and/or any link to an external websites made available in this forum. In particular it is to be noted, that as per German Law it is basically forbidden to answer specific legal questions without being a lawyer. Group members may report any activities of any other user which violate applicable laws by sending a XING-message to the moderator or by sending an E-Mail to xing.gruppe.beschwerde (at) The moderator will remove the infringing text and the infringer has-if necessary-to indemnify the moderator from liability. Trade Mark Proprietor of the logo ans "InDe" is Dr. Oliver S. Hartmann exclusively.

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