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  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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    24 Oct 2008, 10:38 pm
    Actually, what is the problem?
    Even though I as well as worked and studied in the field of Geotechnical Engineering , I would like to continue my way in the field of Project Management by working and researching in this case because I do not think that our important and serious problems will be solved only by Geotechnical Engineering or other engineering courses alone. In fact, our obligatory problems will be remedied by collaboration all of engineering categories.

    At the first, we should know, why should we solve the problem?
    Before, replying to this question, we should accept two fundamental points as follows:

    1) All of physics’ rules and phenomena always exist in the nature for solving of Human problems in the cases of Art, Social, Economic, Medicine and etc. This means, we should be able to expand these rules to all of sciences for instance, can we join Gibbs’s formula
    (F = C – P + 2) and phase diagrams in thermodynamic to all of systems in the world? (Because the equilibrium in all of systems has been depended on the time and energy).

    2) These physics’ rules should be classified for example: Static and dynamic are under cover of thermodynamic.
    Now, the reply is, if we proceed to solve of the problem, we can discover the new rules of physics in the nature. In fact, Human has discovered all of physics’ rules and phenomena because of the man persistence on solving of the problems.

    After that, we should know, which should we solve the problem?
    Of course, before we proceed to solve the problems, we should answer to some questions for instance, we should know if we must solve all of the problems in the world. If the reply is negative, which should the problems be solved by us? What are the controlling factors? Answering to these questions is very important because we should pass some problems without any attention to them. In fact, the great problem is to find out which the problem must be solved so that we discover minor aims when we try to reach main aim ( just like to growth of a seed that it will be changed to a fruit but there are some minor aims during this process). It means, Maybe we will be never able to solve the main problem but we will gain the minors. Of course, if we present a way for solving of the problem, we should bear in mind that the minor’s paths would be produced because of our suggestion way so that some of these minors will be harmful for us. The points of A to T of my manuscript (Executive methods for solving of the problems) guide us for solving of this great problem.
    Perhaps, one of the most important problems is to control and use of wild energies in the nature. I do not know, probably one day in the future, the people in the world will wish to have an earthquake in their areas.
    We should look at to any project as a problem, define the project, and lead it toward to be solved.

    I would like to present you a problem as the example and disputing on it as follows:

    It is possible that the source of energy will change in the future because of controlling of wild energies by Human so that the balance of cost (energy) and time is established by using of wild energies instead of fossil fuels. What will be our strategies? Is our approach to reach long term or short-term targets or both of them? What things will determine our approach? Should we invest to research and investigate on controlling of wild energies or using of fossil fuels as only source of energy and or using of oil and Hydro-Carbonates (fossil fuels) for making of a rotation system similar to water so that Oil will never lose in the world any time? The first step to solve above problem is to collect the information by managing so that the people are led to be interested in studying and sharing their knowledge. One of the best ways to levy the information is to use these communities. Another way could be to award the certificate or degree the best essay and paper or using of the papers presented in symposium and congress. Of course, to use of the point (P) of my manuscript could be considered as a way. Other steps have been presented in points A to T of my manuscript.
    I think, the problem is actually … (To be continued)
  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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    17 Dec 2008, 12:42 am
    Re: Actually, what is the problem?
    I think that the problem is actually to anticipate and determine the coordinates of Failure points in any projects where the failures are the function of “Time.”

    Of course, it is impossible because the failure will be observed, if we are the spectator no player. In fact, actually the problem is one that is not solved by us “Now.” But we should proceed toward to solve it because of the subject mentioned in Part 1. ( In fact, the great problem is to find out which the problem must be solved so that we discover minor aims when we try to reach main aim. Just like to growth of a seed that it will be changed to a fruit but there are some minor aims during this process…………). Sometimes we are able to determine the ranges and intervals of the failures by considering of Safety Factors (FS), if we are the spectator. Please see the example as follows:

    Assume that we want to solve below equation:

    x^n + y^n + z^n + t^n + ……..= 0

    Of course, we cannot solve above equation any time but if we make some conditions, we will be able to solve it:


    - n= 2L
    - “L” is a member of Natural numbers
    - “x, y, z, t, …..” are the members of Real numbers

    According to above conditions, we will have only one answer that is the point “O” as follows:

    O (x = 0, y = 0, z = 0, t = 0 …)

    Perhaps, this point could be considered as Origin of Coordinates in the world.
    Analysis of above example is very important for us so that I would like to discuss about it in the future. However, I want to tell you that we will be able to solve impossible problem under some conditions.

    On the other hand, I think that we have to move toward to discover the failure points.
    Please see simple example below cited:

    - All of systems are balancing in a level of energy
    - The time of system equilibrium stability (SES) is limited to the level of energy
    - The failure point, which will happen naturally or artificially (by Human), is the same the end of equilibrium time
    - After the failure point, the energy will be released and the system will be balancing in a lower level of energy
    - Energy Conservation Law holds true at any system (Sum E = 0)

    Now, we assume the world is a system just like to Atom.
    Where we have:

    Spent energy by consumers included: Technology, Human, animals ….

    Et = spent energy by technology
    Eh = spent energy by Human, animals and etc
    Er = released energy
    Ep = produced energy by technology

    In fact, Technology is not only the producer but also consumer.
    According to Energy Conservation Law, we have:

    Et + Eh + Er + Ep = 0

    Since “Et” is much more than “Eh”, we analyze the options in accordance “Et” and “Ep” as follows:

    There are two real options:

    - Option (1): Et > Ep , The result is to be deleted the consumers ( destroy of technology, world war, epidemic disease and so on) so that the failure will be caused the system moves the lower level of energy. In this case, the new equilibrium time will be low for instance, the time between World War I and II (Refer to diagram of Crude Oil prices 2006 Dollars 1869 – 2007 by WTRG Economics &

    - Option (2): Ep > Et, the new equilibrium time depends on the rate of Ep / Et so that in high rate of Ep / Et, the failure will be raised sooner than option (1).

    If we assume that, there is option (3) as follows:

    - Mass – Energy Conservation Law holds true at any system (Sum Em + E total = 0) where we have:

    - Em = Rest energy (rest mass), so that:

    Et + Eh+ Er + Ep + Em = 0

    This system needs to have a converter of Ep to Em and vice versa so that there will be the changing circulation of energy to mass.
    Even if the option (3) will be the actual model, the start time of the converter operation depends on determining of failure point.
    Therefore, above options show us that the forecast of failure points are our obligations.

    For determining of failure points, we have to make the assumptions that they will be changed to the new conservation laws in the world. In fact, these new conservation laws are the supporters of new technologies that will increase the equilibrium time of the world.

    Now, we proceed to make these assumptions as follows:

    - Hypothesis (1):

    Let me remind you about Calculus (Mathematics) at university where we used from differential equations to foresee and determine of failure points.
    Why the mathematics as well as work to analyze the failure points?
    I think, the most important reason is to decrease the volume of information so that we will be able to look at simultaneously the all of information written on a paper sheet with dimensions XY into an A4 paper sheet. For instance, please bear in mind the exist information on paper sheet 1*1 km2. Maybe, we will be able to write all of this information (1*1km2) on a paper sheet A4 by Mathematics.
    Why do we need to decrease the size of paper sheet?
    We need to glance simultaneously all of information to skim some of them or to find out logical relation among them each moment for proceeding toward solving of the problem (failure points).

    Of course, Philosophy and Art also collect the huge information on A4 paper sheet similar to Mathematics but the people receive the different concepts of them (Philosophy & Art).

    - What is the main axis? Mathematics, Philosophy, or Art
    - Is the main axis the putting together of them?
    - Is there any the main axis or we should consider a triangle of them instead of the main axis?

    Now, let us assume the status as follows:

    If Philosophy and Art will be the functions of independent variables where:

    P = Philosophy and P = f (x1, x2, x3, x4…)

    A = Art and A = f (y1, y2, y3, y4…)

    A + P = Constant

    It means, where the people receive a fixed and constant concepts from sum of Philosophy and Art, these concepts will be the great indicative so that Mathematics can as well as use from these concepts.

    (To be continued…)
  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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    According to above mentioned, I would like to present two examples from Art as follows:

    - Example (1):

    Barabbas (1961 film) Directed by: Richard Fleischer
    Referring to the duel between Jack Palance and Anthony Quinn, we can find the strategies as follows:

    - Not to move before thinking
    - To use of unusual ways to solving of the problem
    - To show the situation of rush but not to make an attack
    - If we take the thinking accompanied by studying, we will gain the self- reliance.
    And so on ….

    All of above strategies present a philosophic point that Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804) said to us: “When we are obliged to think, we are at the extreme of weakness.”

    I also used from this philosophic point in negotiation (article of “Some of comments in EPC projects”).

    - Example (2):

    I think, the movies of “Papillon (1973 film)” directed by: Franklin J. Schaffner and
    “Once Upon Time in America (1984 film)” directed by Sergio Leone and so the music of Jean Michel Jarre (1984 – Zoolook – ETHNICOLOR – 01), all of them are
    jointly presenting a philosophic point.
    Do you know this point?

    - Hypothesis (2):

    I think, it can be “outsourcing’. (Please see the article of ‘Some of comments in EPC projects”).

    Dear my friends,

    Please do not worry about the problems.
    I believe that we will be able to solve the great problems all together in the future.

    Please accept my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and I wish you health and happiness in 2009.

    Best Regards
    Gholamreza Soleimani
  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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    20 Mar 2009, 05:29 am
    Re^3: Actually, what is the problem?
    If the outsourcing is accompanied by the power centers, we will have the wave (after the flow)
    because it has been borrowed Faraday’s law (1831) in physics.
    When we have the wave, we can think about Resonance phenomenon because of the existence
    of different waves. After that, in very so much high frequency, we cannot observe any wave but
    it is the vertical line perpendicular to Time axis where the velocity has not any concept
    (Velocity = infinite).
    As the outsourcing will save the world, basically Faraday’s law (1831) will guide us to discover
    the new resources of energy in the future.

    PS: I think, using of the new theories of Quantum mechanics (for instance, string theory, superstring theory, M – theory and so on) in business, MBA, International Management, Systems Dynamic and etc…
    before to be changed to the universal law ( having a HP feeder source), will lead us toward a short – term business ( financial crisis) instead of the long – term business ( the stable equilibrium).

    Best Regards
  • edoardo angeloni
    edoardo angeloni
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    09 Apr 2009, 10:23 am
    Re^4: Actually, what is the problem?
    It's interesting to talk about the difference between economics and physics. The problem is if the quantum theory is appliable to study the financial crisis. The Black-Scholes formula is demonstrated in relation to option calculation, but his starting point is the heat equation.
    We can verify easy these results in economic context, because the dates is few.
    But the physics is a world more deterministic than ecoomics and the models are functional for different backgrounds.
  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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    17 Apr 2009, 01:18 am
    Re^5: Actually, what is the problem?
    Dear Edoardo Angeloni,

    Thank you for your article.
    Here is another example for using of physics in economic:

    “I think that one of the best temporary solutions for financial crisis is to use Kelvin model (dashpot + spring) where the pressure is the same Inflation.
    Of course, there are two important factors for using of this model as follows:

    1) Since Kelvin model works only for constant pressure, it should be anticipated a maximum inflation for programming in the future.
    2) Economic can not alone balance inflation among springs and dashpots. Therefore, it needs to profit by Sociology science.
    Perhaps, Kelvin model was the final result of G20 meeting. But this is only a temporary solution just like to solve the paradoxes.
    The permanent solution is to discover new sources of Green Energies (with the exception of existent green energies) so that total sum of these Green Energies should be so much more than total sum of fossil fuels + existent green energies and even cheaper because it was proved (August 2008) that fossil fuels were not able to secure the consumers request.
    On the other hand, definitely our other problems such as Environmental pollution, Water resources, transportation and so on automatically will be solved be using of these Green Energies.
    According to above mentioned, one of the most important obligations is to study, think and research for discovering of these new resources of Green Energies because we all are living on a ship that it is named “ Earth” and unfortunately there is not any another place to live for us now. In fact, superiority to Green Energies is the common problem of all people in the world.
    We know that the problems will not be solved by Nervousness, Quarrel, and War. I would like to draw your attention to Art example (1) of this article (Barabbas (1961 film) Directed by: Richard Fleischer), if we actually want to solve the problem, we should accept that we are at the extreme of weakness and the problem is at the extreme of power.
    On the other hand, I think that the next approach of financial crisis will be the educational systems in the world and it is very dangerous.

    “I believe that every problem will be solved unless it is not actually a problem. In fact, this is the reason behind of writing this article (refer to the example of this article:
    x^n + y^n + z^n + t^n + ……..= 0) “

    PS: “So many thanks to someone who designed Xing website.
    I think Xing is the location that the people are encouraged to study and think where they can conveniently write their thoughts and opinions in articles. It is not important these articles will be wrong or correct but the important thing is their purpose that is to help to other people in the world (directly or indirectly). Therefore, there are three great gains because of writing of these articles as follows:

    1) According to a natural law: “Everybody helps to others, in fact, he/ she has helped to his/her self.
    2) To find the true ways and to skip the wrong ways. It means finding and moving in true paths.
    3) To analyze and determine our coordinates in Universal Reference Frame.

    Third gain is very nice. Why should we find our coordinates among the people in the world?
    One of the most important profits is to avoid “Jealousy”.
    In fact, when we follow up to analyze and determine our coordinates in the world, logically we forget the consequence of “Jealousy”. We know that “Jealousy” is a stop and brake of thinking, innovation, creative power and so on "

  • edoardo angeloni
    edoardo angeloni
    The company name is only visible to registered members.
    Your approach is original because you try to represent the mathematics by aspects related to economics, sociology, physics. Your interest is specific or your preparation is different?
    Have you interest for collaboration in article on review?
    If you think our activity must be limited into this site, these questions remain very important.
    Their development can drive the direction where the world will go next time.
    The big ideologies are old; the game theory and econometrics give the possibility for a prevision of the future.
    The actual background can be understood if we use similar thecnics for a better view.
    Your method allows to see the complexity better than a specific preparation.
    My degree is mathematics, but my principal articles is about phylosophy, aestethics, caos theory, fractal, episthemology, game theory.
  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
    The company name is only visible to registered members.
    Dear Mr. edoardo angeloni,

    Thank you so much for your comment.
    In additional to my interest, I think that I have to study Mathematics because we find it anywhere for instance, Static science and Mechanic of Materials are as well as used in Dental Surgery (Implant, Bridge and Ortodency) where:
    Sum Fx, Fy, Fz = 0, Sum Mx, My, Mz = 0

    “As a fact, Mathematics moves from infinity to boundaries but Art and Philosophy move from boundaries to infinity”.

    It means that there is “uncertainty” in Art and Philosophy but no for Mathematics (you can read my article of “uncertainty” here:;id=17983633 :
    I think that some people have the ability of passing “uncertainty” phase:
    - They are someone who are not obliged to solve the problem. In accordance with Weiler’s law: “the solving of any problem is not impossible for them”. ……….).

    For example, we assume that Gold, Money and Energy are equal to Art, Philosophy and Mathematics. When you buy 1 gram of Gold, you don not really control that it is gold 18 or 24 carats fine and so about actual worth of Money (because of inflation). But the released energy by 1 liter Gasoline is always approximately 40000 kJ (5500 kJ/mole).

    Apparently, it is the reason behind of Industrial Revolution in Europe so that we think the revolution in Mathematics always creates the change toward a better life in the world.
    It is right but revolution in Mathematics is not possible without helping of Art and Philosophy.

    I believe that Mathematics is a mandatory but it is not enough. In fact, Art and Philosophy are feeder resource of Mathematics. For instance, I think that some paintings of Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973) were the source of the development for new theories of Quantum mechanic at the beginning of 20 century.

    I do not know maybe there is another model for instance; Mathematics and philosophy are two sides of a Paradox so that Art will be able to help them. I would like to tell you all of methods that we used to solve of our exercises in Math and Physics at university, we can use them for solving of our problems in our life but it is not enough.

    Here is my reply to your question about collaboration:

    A) Please read General parts of my article “Some of comments on EPC projects”:

    - Every project will smoothly move and be successfully fulfilled the least Time and Energy (Cost), if all of people involved in this project as well as know and accept the target of project. In the circumstances, the attractive concepts similar to Excessive Generosity, Hardworking, Perseverance, Honest, Reliable, Love, Truthfulness and so no will be raised. Of course, it is very hard because we have two cases as follows:

    1)Training: All of people involved in the project should be familiar and learn about the target of the project.
    2)To define the aim of the project (What is the problem): All of people involved in the project should accept the target of the project and it is very difficult (Actually, what is the problem?).

    B) I chose this website to write my articles because:

    - Xing is very organized.
    - There are so many people who are interested in studying and thinking for solving of the problem at this web site.

    It is not important that I will find out the new methods or not but maybe my articles will be useful for other people to discover new ways because I also use from their new ways (for example: Internet, Electric power, Car industry and so on).

    Any way, if you would like to contact me directly, here is my private e-mail: “”.

    Best Regards
    Ghoamreza Soleimani
  • edoardo angeloni
    edoardo angeloni
    The company name is only visible to registered members.
    I think I'm according with the fact to renew the energy; therefore in the next future the oil will be minus and we must construct electric cars.
    I read you are happy to talk about Art and Phylosophy.
    I have written an article about the idea of beauty between the Plato concept and the Bruno dynamics.
    There is something similar with Islam?
    About economic philosophy, I have written something about Pareto, because the game theory is an approach more sure to reality than the Rawls theory.
    But many people who talk about pragmatism and globalization is in according with Rorty.
    I have written also a romance where a mathematics lives at Perugia and he has the Sthendal pathology; he don't use the help of a woman, but he researches a job from an American.
    i know very well the argument between Picasso and the fourth dimension of Einstein.
    The Kant view is in according with Rawls and the democracy, but the typical position of an American (Obama or Will Smith) is that he tries in himself a global position.
    In this way, the English become a global language, as Wall Strett and the Pop Art.
    But the job in USA is very expansive and we have the outsourcing.
  • Gholamreza Soleimani
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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    16 Jan 2010, 10:19 pm
    Re^9: Actually, what is the problem?
    When the number of consumers in the world is dramatically increasing, the new Universal Constant Laws must be discovered by Human compatible with natural laws otherwise it will be led toward to be deleted the consumers.
    As a matter of fact, there are only two ways:
    1) To find out the new Universal Constant Laws.
    These laws are just like to the supports of the world so that the world will be able to continue a stable equilibrium for another limited time.
    Since these laws are the constant, they could be used in all apply sciences such as Financial, Judgment, Engineering, and Medicine and so on.
    For example, in accordance with mechanic of materials, when we increase the dimensions (X,Y) of a paper sheet, the moment inertia will be decreased that it is caused a considerable fall on bending rigidity and finally overturning . But if we increase the number of supports under paper sheet, it will be vice versa (an increase on moment inertia ….).
    Another example is about learning of second language. Definitely we as a beginner of second language cannot smoothly speak but when we use from some phrases among our sentences that they have been adopted from regular laws of grammar, we feel that we are continuously speaking thus our self-confidence will go up to improve our skills. In fact, grammar’s laws are the same supports.
    And so, the supports of the world are the Universal constant laws.
    2) Not to discover the new Universal Constant Laws.
    In this case, the consumers (dimensions of paper sheet) will be increased without any supports that it will be caused a overturning in the world (only with a sharp fluctuation (crude oil price) just like to financial crisis).
    I remember that I wrote an example in this article as follows:
    “Perhaps, one of the most important problems is to control and use of wild energies in the nature. I do not know, probably one day in the future, the people in the world will wish to have an earthquake in their areas”.
    There are two concepts about above mentioned:
    -If the source of energy will be finished in the world, the people wish to have an earthquake to die. Of course, the death is the easiest way.
    -If we will be able to control the wild energies such as earthquake for using of their energies, the people wish to have an earthquake in their locations.
    Of course, using of wild energies in the nature is a dream for us now. But I think that we should have the concern about some things as follows:
    Nowadays, some of the people use from the inner energy of earth (for instance, hydrothermal energy) but it could not help us because we need to absorb the huge amount of these energies in a few minutes. We assume that a location has a potential for earthquake with a scale of 7.5 Richter equal to 747.6 PJ. According to Energy Conservation Law, if we absorb this amount of energy (747.6 PJ) during the limited time before happening of earthquake, there will not occur the earthquake in the future. It means that we will be compelled to have a high velocity of energy absorption.
    Now, we should look at to our available theories and tools:
    -The new theories of quantum mechanic
    -Topology theory
    -Mixed number theory
    - Nonlinear Finite Element theory
    -Fourier theorem (Analysis & synthesis)
    Maybe, all above cases are only defining a theory.
    Do we need other laws to solve above problem?
    How could we be sure if we need to a new tool or law for solving of the problem?
    Which law could be considered as a Universal Constant Law?
    How can we discover a new Universal Constant Law?
    Refer to my last article, we have:
    “As a fact, Mathematics moves from infinity to boundaries but Art and Philosophy move from boundaries to infinity”
    Therefore, everywhere philosophy, mathematics and art have the crossing points, there will be discovered a new Universal Constant law. This is the same Analysis Philosophy or Physics theory.
    As a result, the new Universal Constant Laws will be raised only by using of natural laws no by Human.

    "To be continued..."

    Best Regards
    Gholamreza Soleimani
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