OpenFOAM: Open Field Operation and Manipulation

OpenFOAM: Open Field Operation and Manipulation

The group is aiming at getting together users of OpenFOAM® ( and support and proliferate the usage of this open-source tool. OpenFOAM is an OpenSource CFD Toolbox. If you haven't heard about it before check it out at the official Website. This group is only supplementary to the official website. If they contradict each other the official website is right.

The focus of this XING group will be Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), but as the tool is able to simulate many other field problems that can be described by differential or integral equations, many other topics are expected to come up.

There are related groups such as CFD and open source, however, this group is supposed to be restricted to OpenFOAM® .

Target group: engineers, scientists, students and users of OpenFOAM® .

Planned topics: flexible, but let us start with: introduction, OpenFOAM® -related application examples, source-code amendments.

Another purpose among the above mentioned: to collect information about and for the users of OpenFOAM in XING, not: replacing the official OpenFOAM® discussion group on or the wiki on

OpenFOAM® is a registered trademark of OpenCFD Limited. Please refer to, the OpenCFD Limited Trade Mark Policy!

In case of questions, please feel free to contact me (Ulf Bunge) or a co-moderator.

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