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Personal Development Forum

Welcome to the Personal Development Forum, which is created to help you to better understand and exploit your potential.

IMPORTANT for us: Please note that participation is a criteria that we take seriously in this Personal Development group and we reserve the right to decline membership to non active members as well as disrespectful members any time, without reserve. We feel that it is ony fair that participating members in this group should feel they are among others who also share their experience and ideas and we would like to keep the environment of sharing actively. You can share information within an all the different aspects of Personal Development in order to help others as well as yourself in living the true potential. Many people know that certain things they should do in a better way, but too often they don't know how - or do not get it done in reality. We all work against some barriers that somehow keep us from doing what is the best - from living our true potential.

This Forum and its discussions around Personal Development, should assist you in turning yourself into action mode and help you break through self imposed limitations that are holding you back from the power, balance, growth and success that you strive for. Here you can hopefully find some inspiration of how to build new levels of self discipline, strengthen and cultivate your emotional intelligence, overcome indecisiveness and uncertainty, and strengthen your confidence - helping you to remove the mental and emotional obstacles that are limiting your personal growth and power.

The Moderators of this forum are not paid and it is a none profit work that is done here, in order to help you improve, grow or change in your life. We know that Personal Development can be made and it can be modeled, and skills, attitudes, and habits mentored to face better the many different challenges in life. Usual personal development books are great, but unfortunately much of the investment in such books are lost due to the one-shot nature of the reading. With continuous new discussions, this forum provides you with ideas, inspiration and practical advice along the way, which can give you the opportunity to practice and absorb the knowledge you learn to a skill.

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Forum Topics

1. Personal Development in General
Every topic that does not fit in any other category is welcome here (as long it is Personal Development related).

2. Personal Development Methods
This a collection of some good existing Personal Development methods / techniques and approaches and can include:
Meditation, behavioral change/modification, Personal Assessments, theory of change, psychological frameworks, psychological/psychotherapeutic concepts, change technique,

3. Emotional Intelligence/Competence
This a collection of Emotional intelligence topics, such as: self-awareness, self management, self motivation, social awareness, social management, social motivation as well as emotional mastery of: addiction and recovery, grieving, loss, fear, anger, guilt, resentment, frustration, anxiety, depression, happiness, joy love, kindness, forgiveness, self-acceptance, confidence, escaping the pit of despair,

4. Personal Growth
This a collection of Personal Growth topics, such as: time management, goal setting, productivity, motivation, self-discipline, overcoming procrastination, habits, organizing, problem-solving, decision-making, intelligence, Communication and presentation, efficiency and effectiveness

5. Personal Power
This a collection of Personal Power topics, such as: hidden potential, energy, confidence, passion, balance, concentration, focus, fun, peace, removing limiting beliefs and thinking, self-discipline,

6. Mindset – Attitude
This should discuss different Mindset – Attitude aspects in the Personal Development process and can include: eliminating self-defeating patterns, cognitive Dimensions, psychological-mindedness, mental obstacles/barriers/opportunities, understand thinking process, concentration, balance between emotion and cognitive dimensions

7.Psychological aspects
This discusses different Psychological aspects in the Personal Development process and can include: Psychological state/mindset/believes, self regulation, self-discipline, self doubt, behavioral change/modification, self-belief, confidence, habits, personal change/transition, meaning, satisfaction, balance, inner peace, reflect on oneself,

8. Physical aspects -Health & Fitness
This a collection of different Physical aspects in the Personal Development process and can include: Endurance, flexibility, strength, physical skills, sports, health habits, healing, health issues, diet, exercise, sleep, fitness,

9. Business & Financial
This a collection of different Business & Financial aspects in the Personal Development process and can include: Career, work, money, income generation, personal finance, investing, debt, wealth, abundance, entrepreneurship, commerce, economics,

10. Character & Contribution
This a collection of different Character & Contribution aspects in the Personal Development process and can include: Finding yourself/purpose, living your purpose, values, integrity, , serving the greater good, making a difference, changing the world, charity

11. Spirituality, Religion, Consciousness, & Awareness
This a collection of different Spirituality/Religious aspects in the Personal Development process and can include: Spirituality, religion, beliefs, the nature of reality, consciousness, awareness, metaphysics, truth, philosophy,

12. Events
Here we will post/list, the different official Personal Development Forum events;;id=92277

All of these are just some topics you will discover here to be able to motivate yourself to achieve new levels of personal development, supported by professional trainers and coaches.

Thanks & Regards

Mark von Rosing

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