A nice house on the seaside is a life´s dream for many people. This is the site for people who want to dream, then to inform themselves and to realise and live their dream of a seaside property.
This group at Xing is meant to be a forum for people who are professionally or privately interested in seaside properties, as well as for people who can give owners of seaside properties add on´s, as for example travel agencies, cleaning or housekeeping services, IT solutions for combining living on the beachside and being in business at once.
To own more than one property needs special efforts and solutions - so here is the forum to discuss how to finance your real estate, where to buy it, and possibilities to travel low priced. Further topics will be insurance, it solutions, security matters, and how to combine your job with living in a far away tropical paradise.
Realise your dream of a little paradise at the seaside!
Thilo Börner

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