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XING is becoming one of the most famous business society platforms in the world and certainly in our great city, Shanghai. Thus, for professional, business and even personal growth, XING Shanghai Community is a great place to be.

XING Shanghai Community is a place you will find true friendship; you can share your knowledge and learn from each other; you can expand your social network in the world and find valuable opportunities; also you can create your own community and serve other people.

XING Shanghai Community is like a rainbow bridge, connecting people across the globe to be friends and partners, we are growing together here in Shanghai Community. There are no more "You","Me" and "She" or "Him" but "US", let's help each other and warm ourselves.

There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Let us go together to go as far as we can. Let us learn together, let us develop ourselves together, let us share our expertise and our time to help others and be involved in great causes.

Yours sincerely,

XING Shanghai Community Moderators



【新人报到处】向大家介绍自己, 互相认识一下吧!

【上海热点】 畅谈当地热门话题、新鲜事件、聊聊对上海的印象、感受

【聚会上海】 发起聚会、游玩~ 提供展会、培训等……不论大聚会还是小派对,在这里跟大家分享快乐吧!

【上海商务】 在上海做生意、寻找商机、找到在上海商务伙伴、发布供求信息、有啥工作上的事儿大家一起帮帮忙







行官方社区-上海 管理员团队


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