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  • Prof. Dr. Urs E. Gattiker
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    The company name is only visible to registered members.
    For those of us who do not know, NBC is one of the four major TV networks in the US owned by General Electric.
    In the U.S., Fall brings a new line-up of TV shows, sitcoms and soaps on each of the major networks.

    The NBC affinity program provides exclusive incentives and rewards for fans in return for promoting, interacting with and discussing all of the network's new and returning 2010-11 programs. The program, which utilizes social media platforms including NBC's own myNBC as well as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and FourSquare, launched May 17


    In practice this means I tweet about my favorite show before it starts tonight and maybe shortly after, using a hashtag #showname and I might get 50 points each time credited to my Fan.It account (my username).

    "Fan It," is an initiative aimed at turning social-media users into an ad hoc promotional team for the network. In fact, the program is a refined version of those shows that offered viewers the option to call a toll number to vote for a contest participant. Now engagement is possible with the help of social media.

    There is no question that many consumers will gladly participate for the chance of winning a few bonus points needed to win prices. As users earn points they will be able to redeem them for a variety of rewards including: exclusive access to early previews of new and returning shows, NBC merchandise, discounts at the NBC store, show-themed virtual goods and badges and entry into a sweepstakes to win huge show-related prizes.

    But imagine that your local TV or radio station as well as your favorite newspaper all start their own affinity program. In fact my favorite chain store has one and Zara and H&M are considering it.

    Will this mean I will get ever more noise from my Facebook friends, Twitter pals .... Oh and their postings on their Facebook wall about - watching XYC - will show on my Facebook wall. And their tweets will clock up my Twitter screen when I am trying to scan the feed for gems.
    Oh dear, this will surely increase the level of noise or useless tweets and Facebook wall postings I get, will it not as we explain here - signal to noise ratio in social media channels matters a great deal:


    More Case Studies - successes, flops an disasters ===>
    More Trends and historical facts - Cases === >

    Do you think such affinity programs will work in the long term to increase your relationship with your H&M, Ikea or the local Tesco outlet or your favorite news show?

    What is your opinion?
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  • Prof. Dr. Urs E. Gattiker
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    The company name is only visible to registered members.
    “Content Power Ratings” (CPR) is issued by Publicis Groupe’s Optimedia.

    The CPR rankings, which the media shop first launched two years ago, attempts to assess the overall value of network and cable TV series by going beyond Nielsen TV ratings.

    The measure incorporates online and mobile audiences. It claims to be able to capture "advocacy" and "involvment" - both qualities that advertisers love because they supposedly improve an audience's engagement with their commercials. For instance it looks at:

    - Facebook fan count to assess the number of “friends” that programs have on the social network,
    - Nielsen BuzzMetrics to help gauge sentiment of conversations on blogs and chat rooms,
    - Nielsen TV and online ratings,
    - Comscore,
    - E*Poll and
    - Factiva.#

    (but how text analysis/sentiment analysis of blog fails to work properly we have discussed: )


    PS. It always amazes me how those that seem to provide the metrics for others to make advertising decisions fail miserably when it comes to

    A -- designing websites with an exceptional user experience,
    B -- fail to meet usability requirements we teach in usability 101

    Visiting Optimedia's site makes it tough to find the information you want and direct linking impossible. So these people tell us about engagement but fail to provide a great engagement experience on their own website. Sad it is.... but the truth and nothing but the truth, check yourself --- amazing.

    Gossip Girl, a teen drama in the CW Network jumped from 125 in Nielsen's TV ratings to 14 by Optimedia's measure.

    Audience fragmentation and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Xing (oops sorry LinkedIn :-) ) has created a demand for new methods to evaluate shows' impact on the audience and their value to advertisers.

    Optimedia hopes that its measures will be useful to target multimedia campaigns to shows that resonate most with their target audiences.

    I wonder if this will work as they claim. I surely do not have time to:

    - become friend of "True Blood" on Facebook,
    - engage with the show on Facebook or elswhere,

    who has the time? But I may still be a fan

    ==>>> Case studies - successes, flops an disasters ===>
    ==>>> Trends and historical facts - Cases === >
    ==>>> Methods - statistics lie - assume nothing, question everything ==>
    ==>>> ROI of social media - budget committee is lauging at you === >

    Do you think this kind of measure is useful to your business? Please share, let us know your opinion.
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