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Social Media Monitoring

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    -Social Media Monitoring - News YOU can use

    What is new this week.

    Check out the latest discussions, news bytes, insights and intellligence.  PLEASE leave a comment.

    Have a great week.

    -Facebook and Advertising - Does it work

    General Motors decided to leave the party and wants to no longer spend on Facebook advertising.

    Yesterday the Facebook price fell by more than 20% to just under $30 (IPO price was $38)

    What is your opinion about all this - will more advertisers leave the party? (click on link)

    -What makes a great BarCamp

    Have you ever attended a BarCamp type of conference. Our fellow member is organising another one - two years ago Konstanz, now Friederichshafen.

    If you are going - say it - connect now with other group members and participate in the poll (click on link)

    -Twitter metrics - Twitter tools - your favorite?

    The ultimate List of Twitter tools - please add your favorite (click on link)

    -FREE Social Media Monitoring Tool

    Okay..... what is your favorite FREE monitoring tool? (click on link)

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