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Social Media Monitoring

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    Dear group member

    It is this time of the year where some of us go Easter Egg hunting. So before you start your hunt with your kids or others I thought I send you another issue of our newsletter.

    Check out these LINKS BELOW.

    IN THE HEADLINES: Gaby Feile, Olga Henggi, Claudia Thomas & Oliver Gubba

    ===== >>>> LAST NEWSLETTER:

    1 - Olga Henggi and Gaby Feile - Facebook - not again?

    Olga raises an interesting question about employers' vs employee rights when it comes to details about your Facebook account.
    Question: Have you experienced this. What does your employer do? Would you care?

    ====> Gaby replies - tough approach.... chapeau Gaby <====


    2 - Claudia Thomas - Yahoo! Pipes are you using it ---- why not?

    Claudia provides us with great information on how to use Yahoo! Pipes with e-mail, Twitter and so forth to get some order in this information or shall I say data chaos. CHECK IT OUT. What do you think, agree?



    3 - Oliver Gubba shares another job - spread the word

    GIZ Job 9729: Fachkonzeptionist (m/w) Internet und Social Media, Bonn // Internet and Social Media Expert, Bonn, Germany



    PLEASE - if you have not already introduced yourself to the group, please use this link right now and do so :-) ==============>


    ?????? ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE A REPUTATION ON XING? HOW DO YOU KNOW ???????======>>>> <======

    === If you have an answer, you win our Easter Price!!!!!!

    ===XXX===XXX===XXX===XXX ...... H A P P Y ......E A S T E R

    This newsletter was written by moderator Prof. Dr. Urs E. Gattiker of the group "Social Media Monitoring".

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