Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

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    Dear group member

    This is our mid-month newsletter, check out the links and please, add your thoughts :-) Happy Monitoring to all of you.

    IN THE HEADLINES: Gaby Feile, Moritz Schneider, Florian Schneeweiss, Helene Fritsche, Günter Stöcker und many more

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    ===> Moritz Schneider:
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    ===== >>>> LAST NEWSLETTER:

    1 - Gaby Feile - How Social Media Changes our brains



    2 - More on:

    ===> Online Company Communities - What is the ROI? ===>

    ===> Shitstorm - Examples - Great, bad, ugly & TOOLS ===>

    ==> Without personal benefit - social sharing fails with your employees ===>

    PLEASE share your insights - tips, tools, cases.... I will be grateful for your expert help.



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