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    A while back we had the story about Greenpeace fighting Nestlé - KitKat because of palm oil being used in the latter's production process.

    Even though the EU's subsidy program for using palm oil for cars represents 60% or more of the world's palm oil production while food needs about 5% or thereabouts, Nestlé was clobbered on social media platforms including Xing and Facebook. Some would argue it lost the social media battle:


    Now, Nestlé, the world's biggest food company by sales is commissioning a third-party of investigators to probe its supply chains in Ivory Coasts. The latter accounts for 1/3 of the global cocoa production and 10% of Nestlé's supplies.

    Almost 2 mio children worked on cocoa-related activities in Ghana and Ivory Coast in 2007-08.

    While consumers have yet to ditch Kit Kats, growing pressure from civial society and TV documentaries about child labor in cocoa plantations is increasingly spilling on to SOCIAL NETWORKS prodding Nestlé into action.

    What you think - does social media make a difference here (i.e. get Nestlé to respond quicker?) or is it all due to newspapers and TV documentaries? Please share your opinion.
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