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"In my opening remarks at Future in Review 2008, I mentioned a kind of mantra that had occurred to me earlier that day, when talking with Kelly Webb about what was going to be different about FiRe this year. Later, Larry Smarr picked up this set of ideas, and used them in his comments from the podium as the group toured his fantastic CalIT2 facilities. Since then, I mentioned these at my talk to the large gathering of venture capitalists at the San Diego Venture Group annual meeting, and they’ve asked permission to use them.
It occurred to me that I should include them here, for general consumption and use.
They’re simple, but they represent the “sea change” in thinking at FiRe:
It isn’t about the problems, it’s about the solutions.
It isn’t about tomorrow, it’s about now.
It isn’t about them, it’s about us.

In the hands of an informed optimist, these ideas encapsulate a new perspective on solving our own problems, now, rather than talking, or waiting for the government, or someone else, to take care of things. "

Mark Anderson

.. is the CEO of the Strategic News Service (R) (SNS), SNS was the first subscription-based newsletter on the Internet, and is read by Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Hurd, and industry leaders and investors in computing and communications worldwide. He is also founding chair of the Future in Review (R) (FiRe) Conference, which The Economist has labeled "the best technology conference in the world". His interest in theoretical physics led to a paper on Resonance Theory, submitted in 1979, which was the first to describe String Theory. A member of the Merrill Lynch TechBrains Advisory Board, Mark is often retained by CEOs of leading technology firms to provide strategic advice, a service he also provides for foreign and domestic national political leaders. He is the author of occasional columns for Fortune and BusinessWeek magazines, and regularly appears on CNN-TV, CNBC, National Public Radio, and "Wall Street Review," and in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and the New York Times. He is a Contributing Editor to the Industry Standard. Mark is the founder and chair of two nonprofit 501(c)3 corporations: The Foresight Foundation, dedicated to harnessing technology to create dramatic improvement in the human condition, and Orca Relief Citizens' Alliance, created to reduce resident killer whale mortality rates in the Puget Sound.

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