Steinbeis University Berlin

Steinbeis University Berlin

Steinbeis University Berlin combines theory and practice. Our study programs are oriented towards professional practicality and simultaneously provide a well-founded, academic education. Working in partnership with companies around the world in various industries, Steinbeis provides support in central areas: research and development, consulting and its bedrock – education.
With our innovative projects and our high caliber students we ensure growth and globalization – as well as competent managers and rising executives. We are committed to ensuring our partners' success and thus, the success of our course participants.
With over 350 cooperating companies and more than 2800 students, SCMT is your strategic partner for growth, globalization and education through capable high potentials.
Founded in 1998, Steinbeis University Berlin now expands to the US offering experiential educational programs designed to prepare students and companies for success.
Our project competence concept is a direct response to the challenges posed by the knowledge society. During their studies, students work on real-life projects for a company – supported by our professors and faculty.Our Project-Competence degree programs rise to the challenges posed by a knowledge-based society. As professionals, students manage company projects in-house, benefiting from the support of our university's professors and faculty. Transferring skills and knowledge in this way allows fresh expertise to emerge, while triggering new ideas and insights, which circulate throughout the company. The outcome: breakthrough solutions, products and services


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