Strategic Foresight - Strategische Frühaufklärung

Strategic Foresight - Strategische Frühaufklärung

Why Strategic Foresight?

In many industries, companies are faced with disruptions from emerging technologies, from the political and legislative environment, from alternative business models or from socio-cultural shifts. In this environment a strong forward view is crucial to maintain competitiveness. The implementation of a Strategic Foresight practice, therefore, is becoming more important and popular especially in multinational enterprises.

What is Strategic Foresight?

Strategic Foresight is a combination of futures methods and those of strategic management. It is defined as the ability to create a forward view and to use the insights in organizationally useful ways, for example, to develop strategies and to explore new markets, products and services. The underlying assumption is that changes and discontinuities in an organization’s environment can be perceived before becoming effective. Strategic Foresight deals with the identification, assessment and usage of those weak signals to prolong the reaction time and make strategic action possible instead of short-term reaction. Hence, Strategic Foresight aims at enabling an organization to capitalize on emerging opportunities and to avoid getting surprised by upcoming threats.

What is this group for?

This Group aims at creating a network of professionals and researches working on Strategic Foresight. The goal of this network is to enhance knowledge about Strategic Foresight and promote it among practicioners. It is planned to have regular updates on relevant activities, publications, conferences and other events. Furthermore the exchange on the topic with peers and the generation of new ideas for both, practicioners and researches, shall be eased.

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