World Union for Protection of Life

World Union for Protection of Life

The World Union for Protection of Life (German: Weltbund zum Schutz des Lebens) is an international non-profit organization and non-governmental organization which was founded 1960 in Salzburg (Austria). A scientific advisory board of 400 scientists out of 53 countries supported the work of the organization. Among them were 40 Nobel laureates. In this group we prefer scientists or persons who have done a scientific work which can support this group.

You can write in English, French and German. But English language is prefered.


  • 21 Mar 2014

    Changing the group

    Perhaps you have read that XING is going to change the conditions for groups and forums. To make it easier and to get more members in this group, I am going to change the conditions here, too.

    So from now, everybody can join this group, but I'll look on the profile if this is fullfilled. I'll write a message to members, if there are no informations about job, profession, study, skills and interest. If that person doesn't fullfill the profile, I will cancel membership, because I don't want to collect fakes.

    Membership here in the "World Union for Protection of Life" is now free for everyone !

    Frank M. Rauch
    Bremen, Germany

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