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bd4travel GmbH

bd4travel GmbH


11-50 employees

bd4travel GmbH
bd4travel GmbHposted an update7 May
Online shoppers who see personalised content on your site will have a higher conversion rate and average spend than those who find only generic information. Find out how AI-driven personalisation can help your online business #comebackstronger
bd4travel GmbH
bd4travel GmbHposted an update27 April
Are you a digital savvy marketer with B2B or IT company experience? Looking for a new challenge? Join our growing team in the new role of Online Marketing Manager. With responsibility for owned digital communication channels, you’ll love creating engaging content which drives contacts through the sales funnel. Find out more:

bd4travel delivers intelligent personalisation for travel, providing digital empathy and personal engagement with anonymous customers. The company was founded in 2013 by former Amadeus colleagues who realised that “personal relevance” has the potential to change the travel industry – and that AI-driven...

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