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FF Fluid Forming GmbH
FF Fluid Forming GmbHposted an update26 July 2022
From first idea down to the finished component: After only 4 to 6 weeks, a newly developed component can be manufactured in large batches. Requirements such as fast prototyping in combination with complex design make hydroforming and the utilisation of the FormBalancer interesting for many companies. Prototypes manufactured with conventional press technology have so far been very time- and cost-intensive. Our technology enables several prototypes - even with complex geometries and different mat...
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FF Fluid Forming GmbH
FF Fluid Forming GmbHposted an update19 July 2022
Hydroforming using the FormBalancer enables significant savings in tooling costs up to 80%. These savings have a massive impact on component-costs, particularly in conjunction with prototypes and small to medium batch sizes. More over, the reduced development times for new components present an additional great potential for cutting costs. After 4 to 6 weeks, a newly developed component, even if it has a complex shape, can be manufactured in large batches. The most important saving potentials ...
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FF Fluid Forming GmbH
FF Fluid Forming GmbHposted an update12 July 2022
Hydroforming is often compared with the conventional deep-drawing technique, but has significant design advantages and keeps the tooling costs as well as the component production costs low. The principle allows an excellent forming degree. Due to the three-dimensional fluid load applied to the material, components will show a uniform sheet thickness distribution, little internal stress and little tendency to springback when the load is removed. The advantages of our hydroforming method at a gl...
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In 2002 the company FF Fluid Forming GmbH was founded. We successfully managed to focus the know-how gained in the fields of mechanical engineering and hydraulic & electronic closed-loop control systems into the field of sheet metal forming.

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