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Global Mediator ApS
Global Mediator ApSposted an update2 days ago
With the outbreak of war, we put on pause technical training for our team. The main task for us, as a Company, was to organise a safe working environment for our teammates. And when Luc van Vugt, a good friend of Global Mediator, proposed to conduct this workshop, it was already the right time for it – people were respectively safe, back on track, and ready to absorb new knowledge. This month we devoted our learning time to Test Code Units topic. In the first stage, our colleague Denys shared th...
Global Mediator ApS
Global Mediator ApSposted an update12 May
It’s been nearly 3 months since many of us were forced to stay far away from our homes, but our thoughts and spirit are at their highest level. We continue our own battle: help our teammates, our customers, and support the economy💪. We still remain the team even at a great distance. But the events from the past are fresh in our memories. Here is a great flashback to picnic 1 year ago when we all gathered to enjoy the time within Global Mediator's community. With these smiles and memories, we ke...
Global Mediator ApS
Global Mediator ApSposted an update5 May
Today we are sharing the final episode of our initiative “This is my town”. Today it is devoted to Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. Now is not only the capital for 40 million Ukrainians, but the capital of freedom for the whole world. 🟣Despite the dark period, Kyiv is standing strong. The city inspires people with its perfect combination of the old and the new, Western, and Eastern cultures. It is a very special place for every Ukrainian with a history dating back more than 1500 years. 🟣In addi...

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Global Mediator Global Mediator ist ein Softwareentwicklungshaus für Finanzteams, die der Microsoft Dynamics-Community dienen. Wir konzentrieren uns auf Dynamics 365 BC und haben im Laufe der Zeit zusätzliche Dienste hinzugefügt. Zusätzlich zu unserem ERP-Hintergrund erstellen wir verbesserte Benutzererfahrungen,...

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