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Global Mediator ApS


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Global Mediator ApS
Global Mediator ApSposted an update22 November 2022
Working in the BC environment gives you full control of all your business processes. However, difficulties in data visualisation may slow down your work and as a result, make you spend lots of time on manual work instead of resolving important and strategic questions. Try to overcome BC restrictions with META UI and analyse the massive volumes of data on any BC pages the way you prefer. Developed with user-friendliness in mind, it extends native BC pages’ capabilities and pushes the boundaries ...
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Global Mediator ApS
Global Mediator ApSposted an update15 November 2022
EMEA Directions 2022 has ended. We would like to thank all the members and organisers for this chance to learn and inspire a new vision of technology in terms of BC, Power Platform, and other Microsoft business solutions. ➡Considering Power Platform as the key growth fundamentals we want to give you even more benefits on how to use it in practice, with the result of optimising business processes even with a lack of resources. ➡Schedule an appointment with Tetiana, Power Platform, and RPA Lead ht...
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Global Mediator ApS
Global Mediator ApSposted an update1 November 2022
In Global Mediator, we want to be sure that all internal operational processes are organised in the most comfortable and digitised way. On the other hand, by developing the solution we strived to have smooth communication that involves everybody in the organisation. In the new video, our teammate Tetiana Falaleeva shares some insights about our Global Galaxy journey of building a corporate portal within the Power Platform capabilities. Book a meeting with Tetiana for more information: https://o...

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Global Mediator Global Mediator ist ein Softwareentwicklungshaus für Finanzteams, die der Microsoft Dynamics-Community dienen. Wir konzentrieren uns auf Dynamics 365 BC und haben im Laufe der Zeit zusätzliche Dienste hinzugefügt. Zusätzlich zu unserem ERP-Hintergrund erstellen wir verbesserte Benutzererfahrungen,...

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